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Wii Fit Diary Part Three

Wii Fit Diary Part Three – I am nowhere near tired of using Wii Fit. Yes, it has only been since Christmas that we first started using it, but we’re still going strong.

Ok, my weight tends to fluctuate.  I think I am down about 1-2 pounds, but if not, I don’t care.  I am still thrilled with the progress with my core strength.  I find that as I do the exercises, my core’s improved strength has provided me some additional stability.  I actually can feel the muscles contract and engage during the workouts.

Most importantly,  I look forward to using it and know that if I had more time, I would definitely use it more.  Right now, I squeeze in about 2 days a week, in addition to weight training 2 days per week. When we use the Wii Fit, everyone in the family watches each other do it and cheers each other on. We love to see someone break a record, or unlock a new exercise.

Doing the Body Test has given me someone to answer to, even if it is a virtual trainer.  With the Body Test, your weight and BMI are measured and recorded.  If your weight fluctuates and increases, the Wii Fit will call you out on it.  I try to do a Body Test more frequently than the workouts so I can keep tabs on my weight.  It helps me to eat healthier in between workouts, knowing that I have to get weighed in.

One complaint I am having right now is the amount of questions and interaction from the Wii Fit when you turn it on and are just trying to get to the workout itself.  We are no longer new at this and it is getting tiresome to field through these comments when we just want to get started.  If there were a way to skip the Wii Fit commentary and get right to the workout, it would be a bit more convenient.

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