Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian Interview

Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian Interview – interview with Nain Rouge book series author, Josef Bastian. Just in time for Halloween – Josef Bastian adds another Nain Rouge book to his series.

Not only is this a Michigan local author, but Josef Bastian has written a story that takes place in Michigan as well. As I was reading Nain Rouge (book one) by Josef Bastian, I was entertained by a mix of Detroit history and modern day fiction with fact.

The author starts the story off with a field trip at the DIA and doesn’t waste time jumping right into excitement and thrill by introducing the Nain Rouge within the first 10 pages. The Nain Rouge, an urban legend red devil, is said to appear in advance of negative events.

The story surfaces during a time of economic crisis in Detroit and the Nain Rouge is gaining power. It is up to two middle school students to think quickly to overcome the Nain Rouge and prevent impending doom.

The story held my attention and I found myself trying to figure out how the two children would stop the Nain Rouge. (I was nowhere near the solution, so it was definitely a surprise ending for me.) The mystery and Sci Fi feel were just enough to get the kids intrigued.

I loved how the book was based in Detroit, so I decided to ask the author a few questions. Here’s the interview:

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How did you first hear about the Nain Rouge legacy?

Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian – A friend told me about it and I was fascinated that I had never heard of the legend before. The legend is so old, but so little has been written about it.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Have you lived in Michigan your entire life?

Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian – Yes, I was born (at Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital) and raised in Michigan. I moved to Royal Oak from Pleasant Ridge when I was one year old and I have been a Royal Oak resident ever since. I attended Shrine Grade School, Royal Dondero High, Oakland University and the University of Detroit.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – You say you wrote this book based on your personal experience of joining the ranks of the unemployed. Has this become your new found love and career?

Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian – I currently have nine books in print, so I have been writing for a while. Genres include a German Cookbook, poetry, short stories and a humorous novel about the crazy bosses I have had over the years. If you search “Josef Bastian” on Amazon, you can find a full list. My past four books have all been children’s stories, built around quirky bits of historical facts.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Will you be writing more? If so, will you stay with the mystery genre?

Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian – This is my first mystery/suspense genre geared toward young adult fiction. The Nain Rouge is the first book in the trilogy and just won a children’s book award from the Young Voices of America for 2010. The second book, “The Red Tide,” is due out next year.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Northwood Elementary School in Royal Oak is incorporating your book into their Michigan History and Life Management curriculums. How did this program get started and what grade level is best suited for the lessons?

Nain Rouge Author Josef Bastian – Some of the teachers received an advanced copy of the book and thought it would be a great idea to incorporate the story into their Michigan history lessons. The book was also included in their “Battle of the Books” campaign as one of the selections that children could read and critique as a group.

Nain Rouge II: The Red Tide – Local author Josef Bastian has a new book (“Nain Rouge II: The Red Tide”) out, just in time for Halloween. The Detroit-centric trilogy takes place in and around familiar places in Detroit, with the hub of activity centered on the DIA.

In the second book, Tom & Elly are in high school. Things seem to have settled until, just like before, weird, dark events start happening. With both old and new friends, they must figure out why this is so.

His first book is also currently in development for a movie to be shot in Detroit and will also be benefiting the DIA in a big way. “The Red Tide” can be downloaded for free with a donation to the DIA of $1 or more, at

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