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Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian Interview

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian Interview – Traverse City, Michigan author Kristy Kurian created her children’s book – Nap-A-Roo as a means 

to getting her twin sons to unwind for midday naps. What started as a simple rhyme quickly turned into a whimsical book for children ages 0-3 to help them get ready for nap time!

I caught up with Kristy to discuss Nap-A-Roo.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms: So this basically started when you realized there were a million children’s book for bed time and not necessarily any for nap time?

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian: Yes, it felt strange putting my twins down for a nap at noon and reading them a “good night” book… I thought to myself, where are the nap books? Little ones take so many naps! It was decided, I had to create a “nap time” book myself! I find it makes a great baby gift for new parents.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms: Was it difficult taking the book from idea stage to finished product? How long did it take?

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian: My twins are two years old now, so it took about a year and a half to move from concept into print… But all of the time invested was worth it! The illustrator, Tyler Parker, and myself took extra care in creating the characters, the colors, and making sure his images reflected the “modern baby” look. Nap-a-Roo’s characters are a little “hipster”, which I find refreshing.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms: Was it more difficult to create Nap-A-Roo or more difficult to market it?

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian: Getting the word out about my book has been a huge hurdle… I have found that Nap-a-Roo is exactly what the modern parent needs and wants on their nursery bookshelf (fast, fun, colorful)… Once they know it exists, I know they will fall in love!

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms: Where can we find Nap-A-Roo?

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian: You can find the Nap-A-Roo Board Book at…
Bella Belli Maternity in Birmingham, Michigan,
Northern Michigan:
Sweet Pea Baby Boutique in Traverse City, MI
Horizon Books in Traverse City, MI
Bright Blooms KinderPlay in Traverse City, MI
E-books can be purchased on and iTunes

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms: Do you have any plans for any more children’s books?

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian: Absolutely!!!! The characters (elephant, dog, kangaroo) are too cute not to turn into a series!!!

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms: How long have you lived in Traverse City? Have you lived in Michigan your whole life?

Nap-A-Roo Author Kristy Kurian: I have lived in Traverse City for almost five years, however, I grew up in Birmingham, MI. I went to high school at Birmingham Seaholm and college at Michigan State University. Since leaving Oakland county I have lived in New York, Chicago, and now I live “Up North”… I still visit the “D” often and it still holds a piece of my heart!

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