National Geographic Kids Website Review


National Geographic has a website for kids at kids dot nationalgeographic dot com. National Geographic Kids website is an extension of National Geographic magazine.

I appreciate the mature approach. National Geographic Kids is arranged much like a website or blog for adults. I think this helps kids appreciate the knowledge involved with National Geographic. Even though it has a sophisticated layout, the design is very easy to maneuver. There is a special “little kids” section on the kids website that gears toward the under 5 years old set.

The real value of the National Geographic Kids website is the wealth of overall content related to education through a litany of subjects. National Geographic Kids provides educational videos, science experiments, geography facts, recipes, history lessons, quizzes and much more! The Science Experiments section of the site is especially unique and impressive. A lot of websites for kids offer similar content but seem to just “throw content out there”. I found the content on National Geographic Kids to be quality material for kids ages 5-14.

Games are secondary appeal of the National Geographic Kids website. Sure, they have action-based flash games that cross a variety of subjects. I found the “action” games to be pretty substandard for entertainment value. While colorful, most grow tiresome rather quickly. On the other hand, the quizzes and puzzles section is rich with educational content and would be great addition for learning content or valuable for a homeschooler parent. I think that kids will prefer the learning sections of National Geographic Kids to the games on the site. That quality is pretty rare in the world of websites for children and certainly not a bad one!


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