Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids – The Nature Conservancy has designed a nature scavenger hunt for kids of all ages to discover and learn about the environmental treasures in local parks and green spaces.


Spring is almost here and an easy way to get the kids outside and active is to make a game of all the wonderful things they can find in their backyards (and beyond). By creating a nature hunt for kids, you can empower them to use their senses and natural curiosity while being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. There are plenty of resources like the Nature Conservancy that will help you design your own nature scavenger hunt for kids. You can customize your scavenger hunt however you like and to the surroundings. Check out our  Oakland County Parks Tab tab for some great places to take the kids for an outdoor scavenger hunt!

You can design your own scavenger hunt.


  • Listen for a bird. What else do you hear?
  • Discover evidence that an animal has been here.
  • Find a seed.
  • Find a pattern in nature.
  • Find a place where an animal made a home.
  • What’s the smoothest thing you can find?
  • Listen for 5 sounds. How many can you identify?

Or, download your own hunt lists from a professional – These are two checklists are divided based on age group (for kids ages 4-7 and for kids ages 8-10), and are readily available for download here. These PDFs are directly from the Nature Conservancy courtesy of United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Click here for more ideas for an outdoor excursion with the kids from the Nature Conservancy, it’s a fantastic resource..

For more information on how the whole family can enjoy a nature scavenger hunt for kids and the great outdoors, please visit The Nature Conservancy website.

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