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New Spray Antiperspirant Deodorants Reviews

Spray Antiperspirant Deodorants Reviews – Reviews of Dove Dry, Dove Men +, Degree MotionSense (for men and women), and Axe antiperspirant deodorants spray-on.

Meijer sent me some product samples of new spray antiperspirants deodorants to review that apparently go on dry instantly, and have no white residue. I am typically a stick deodorant user, so this was an interesting experiment. I used each of the deodorants and saw how they matched up to one another as I attended some circuit training classes at BURN fitness. Since 3 of the spray antiperspirants deodorants that Meijer sent were for men, I enlisted my husband to help out too (he took it very seriously!).


The first spray deodorant I sampled was Dove Dry Spray. What I noticed about the Dove Dry Spray was that it went on very cold, and it was not instantly dry. However, it dried up quickly within a few seconds. Dove Dry Spray definitely has a nice clean finish with no white residue whatsoever. Dove Dry Spray would be a nice spray deodorant for sleeveless shirts. The scent was mild which I really like because overpowering perfume scents give me a headache. Performance wise, Dove Dry Spray spray deodorant held up to the tough workout. I was completely dry and not even the slightest bit sticky.

The next spray deodorant I sampled was Degree MotionSense Dry Spray (fresh energy). This spray deodorant did not go on dry either, but was also dry within a few seconds. Degree MotionSense had a much stronger scent than the Dove Dry Spray. It was overpowering and I smelled it on me all day long… like loads of baby powder. I even had to change shirts for my workout and when I put the first shirt back on, it still smelled like the Degree MotionSense spray deodorant. I couldn’t get away from it.


I’m a marketer’s dream – EXTREMELY brand loyal. Especially when it comes to bathroom products. I’ve been using the same spray antiperspirant deodorant – Arrid XX Extra Extra Dry Ultra Clear Aerosol for literally decades without wavering. I was anxious to see how the next generation of spray deodorants held up to my Arrid XX.

I was given 3 sprays to test – Men Degreee Motionsense Dry Spray, Dove Men + Care Dry Spray, and AXE White Label Dry Spray. All 3 promised 48 hour protection (not that I’d ever go 2 full days without a shower, but whatever), boasted “instant dryness”, and all 3 came in 3.8 oz cans that were radically designed compared to the old Arrid can that is essentially a 6 oz fat spray paint can. The cans were slim. Men Degree and Axe were even capless. They had strange switches on the can to open or unlock them before you could spray them. Strange, probably unnecessary, but sort of neat none-the-less. I did like the neat shapes of the new cans overall and I think they’re much easier to manage than the old-school Arrid, Right Guard Spray cans. I remember giving my pre-pubescent son a can of Arrid when he started using deodorant only to have him switch to a stick because he literally couldn’t manage the bulky Arrid can. Maybe these new deodorants are on to something.

I tested all 3 of these new spray antiperspirant deodorants the same way. Sprayed them on after my shower, wore a tight t-shirt through the day, went an entire 24 hours with my shirt on exercising etc.., and smelled the shirt when I woke up the next day to see how it held up.

Men Degree is suppose to be the jock one. It had a neat “lock” feature on the can for traveling. True to billing, it went on extremely dry and the dryness lasted the entire 24 hours – even after an hour run.

This one was just as efficient as Men Degree and, in my opinion, smelled better. If you ever use Dove liquid shower soap, it smells a lot like the soap. Very mild scent. Even after another 1 hour run, this deodorant held up just as well the sporty Men Degree aniperspirant.

Funky, stubby compact can where you had to screw the lid to get the spray dispenser to pop up. Axe White Label also delivered on its dry, freshness for 48 hours promise. I just didn’t care for the fragrance. I’m getting to old for the Axe body spray scent. It’s sweet and over-powering. This one is perfect for my son though.

So, would I give up my 25 year plus relationship with Arrid XX Dry? Yes, but not because Arrid failed me. I just prefer the convenince of the new bottles to what I see now as a clunky, inconvenient Arrid spray can. I also prefer the mild baby powder scent of Dove Men Care spray to the pleasant, but overpowering Arrid fragrance. I was truly surprised all the of the new spray antiperspirant deodorants for men I tried work as well as they do.

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