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New Year’s Resolutions Ideas and Advice

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas and Advice – New Year’s resolutions can be frustrating if you’re setting yourself up to fail. The best New Years resolutions should be more about doing something you want to do as opposed to quitting something you’re already doing.


I wasn’t too keen on making grandiose New Years resolutions through my life until last year. I’d usually throw out something random and vague in conversation every New Year’s Eve about “eating less sugar” or “trying to do more Yoga”. My resolutions always seem to be completely forgotten by the time the college football games were over the following day.

A couple years back… my friend and I made a bold resolution to have at least one “girls night out” a month for all of the new year. I’m extremely proud to say that we stuck with it and more than satisfied our monthly requirement, I even wrote about some of our fun exploits.

My other big New Year’s resolution from a few years ago was inspired by my husband – become a motorcycle mama and purchase (and learn to ride) my very own motorcycle!

My Girls Night Out / Motorcycle Mama resolutions were extremely rewarding and satisfying because they involved learning how to live and not suffering through giving something up. There’s a BIG difference. My New Years resolutions worked well because they were clearly defined, and more importantly, focused on truly altering life for the positive. They required some work and dedication, but the reward factor and fun factors were off the charts.

I’m not trying to discount health-related New Year’s resolutions. If you want to try to shake ten pounds before bathing suit season, I’m all for it. If you want to quit smoking, by all means try. But don’t forget the best New Year’s resolutions you CAN make are those that can help you break out of some old ways and expand your horizons.

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