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Nick The Cat Author Linda Sicks

Nick The Cat Author Linda Sicks Interview – Michigan Author Linda Sicks has created a book series that incorporates a cat (her very own pet cat, Nick) that teaches life messages to children.

I interviewed Linda to find out how she began her book series.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How long have you lived in Michigan? What part of Michigan are you from and did you grow up here?

Nick The Cat Author Linda Sicks – I have lived in Michigan most of my life. I found myself living in a few different places throughout my adult years such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. It was a wonderful experience to explore new places and people but it’s always nice to be back home near family and friends! I currently live in Huntington Woods but grew up in Romeo, Michigan.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Did you love to write stories as a child? When did you realize you wanted to become an author?

Nick The Cat Author Linda Sicks – As a child, I wasn’t one to write stories but enjoyed using my imagination telling stories while entertaining my family and friends.  I have always been someone who has enjoyed journaling and started to do so, back in my late teens. It was later in life, while journaling, that I felt the desire to become an author.

I had many life experiences that guided me through my personal growth and spirituality but my experiences unfortunately did not include having children of my own.  Something felt like it was missing for me and through journaling, I found it helped to fill that void. Through my journaling, I found I could still have the experience of having an impact with a child, but now with many children, through books!

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How does Nick the Cat teach life lessons to the kids from an animal’s perspective, and how did you come up the idea to write from this angle?

Nick The Cat Author Linda Sicks – Children love animals and I have loved the animals in my life. They have been my family and have been with me through many times, good and bad. Nick has been special from day one! In the first book from the Importance of Family Series – How I Found My Family, the story is the true account of how  Nick and I, became a family, the night before Thanksgiving!!! I feel Nick is able to take on a role that sometimes children can’t see when they are young.  By that I mean, wisdom comes through life and as we age, sometimes children are not able to see the wisdom that our elders can offer. How great to see Nick as a kitten maturing to an adult cat, living life and then, at the end of each book, Nick shares his wisdom through the “focused” value message presented in this book. I feel, seeing Nick at the end of the books looking older and wiser with his glasses helps the child sense the wisdom and knowledge that can come to us as we grow and age in life!

Going back to what I felt was missing in my life, by not having had children of my own, I wanted to share with many children by way of someone who has been very special to me and who has been my family. Nick again is a real character as are most of the characters in the books.  I feel Nick has always had an old soul about him and he was my inspiration!

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – You have written about the importance of family and the importance of friendship. What might be next in your plans for the Nick the Cat books?

Nick The Cat Author Linda Sicks – Having completed one full series of 4 books in The Importance of Family Series, all focusing on a different value message, such as Book 1 – How I Found My Family-speaks of all families being different and being “thankful for your family”. Book 2 – How My Family Grew Over Night – Speaks of the structure of family and “how your family is more than the people you live with“ Book 3, one of my favorites – How My Family Changed – Speaks of Change in Family but also how life is always changing, and to keep an open mind and heart to change. There is also a Holiday book that wraps up the Family Series – Nick’s Holiday Celebration – speaks of “believing in your dreams and to offer goodwill to others, always!!!” I’m still working to complete the Friendship Series, book 2 and 3 with the 1st book completed – How Different is Good which speaks of “being friends with people that are different then yourself!”

I know young children can have many challenges today in their world and I feel if we can start to create good messages and values while they are so impressionable, it will make for more kinder and sensitive souls. My next book in the Friendship Series will focus on Nick discouraging “bullying”. I have a many ideas for future topics which are always evolving but in the end, selecting the most important topics that emphasize the most positively-important messages that will build the best in a child’s character and heart!

Nick the Cat books website.

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