No Ladder Christmas Lights Hanging Kit Review

The No Ladder Christmas Lights Hanging Kit (adjustable extension pole) by St. Nick’s Choice or Simple Living allows you to install your holiday lights in trees, gutters, roof lines without a ladder.

No Ladder Christmas Lights Hanging Kit Review – St. Nick’s Choice

While strolling through Home Depot one day, we spotted the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit by St. Nick’s Choice. I snagged this thing up when I saw it because I knew I wouldn’t be climbing any ladders to get to my roof line.


The No Ladder Christmas Lights Hanging Kit is basically an adjustable pole that extends to 11 feet. The attachment on the end of the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit has an adapter to attach clips to roof gutters or to weave the Christmas lights through tall trees to hang them. The No Ladder Light Hanging Kit includes 25 Gutter/Shingle Clips. When I originally bought this item for review a few years ago, it came with 40 clips for $19.99. Now they only come with 25 clips and cost a bit more. I’m bringing this review back… they still make this product and I still use it. You can now find this product under the name Simple Living “Ladderless Light Hanging Kit” at Target, Hobby Lobby, and other online tree lights poll

Overall, the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit is an excellent concept, but the product has its flaws. The extension pieces don’t have any locking mechanism. So, they slide in and collapse on occasion. Additionally, they also twist, and this makes using the light hanging pole a frustrating experience. Basically, you screw the plastic clip onto the tip of the pole and then once the plastic clip is inserted into the roof line or gutter, you unscrew the pole to get it down. So, when the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit pole either collapses or twists, you can’t get the clip unscrewed. And, this happens while you’re at a full reach hanging a light 15 feet up. You can’t bring your arms down or let go of the light hanging pole because all the lights will come pulling down. You just keep twisting the pole, hoping that it will eventually unscrew the plastic clip.

To top it off, I was about half way through when the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit light hanging pole collapsed yet again. I went to extend it back out and it came out all the way, i.e. it broke. At that point, I took some duct tape and wrapped it around the thing – now it won’t collapse or twist! Even though it was my first time using the light hanging pole, I am keeping it broken as is because my twisting and collapsing problem is no longer an issue. I actually went ahead and applied duct tape to every hinge point so it can never collapse or spin again. It makes for more difficult storing, but it’s still an improvement.

One final note, the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit light hanging pole is a bit flimsy. So if you have it at full extension and are trying to insert a clip that is very high up, you don’t get a lot of leverage to push the clip under the roof tile. The more you push, the more the light hanging pole bends. But, you are able to screw the clip onto any threaded pole, so if you have a long pole that is threaded and more sturdy, you can swap it out.

The No Ladder Light Hanging Kit pole also works well for hanging lights around tree tops. I found it easier to use for hanging Christmas lights around tall trees than I did using it for gutters.

Overall, I would still recommend the No Ladder Light Hanging Kit because it beats the dangers of getting on a very tall ladder or climbing onto the roof. I only wish they had done a better job constructing it. Despite it’s obvious shortcomings – it’s better than nothing. It beats scaling dangerous ladders but it still requires a lot of elbow grease to hang the Christmas lights in high places.

I bought my No Ladder Light Hanging Kit from Home Depot. I’ve also seen this exact Christmas lights hanging pole at Tru Value hardware and Amazon. The kit comes with a pole and a bunch of clips. You can purchase additional clips in packs of 60.

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