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Oakland County Judge Orders Kids to Have Healthy Relationship with Father

Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca ordered 3 siblings to have a “healthy relationship” with their father and sent them to juvenile detention when the kids

refused. You can read the complete Fox2 story here.

Three Bloomfield Hills kids (ages 14, 10 and 9) have been ordered to a juvenile detention facility by Judge Lisa Gorcyca for refusing her order to go to lunch with their father.

The Tsimhoni family was in Oakland County’s family court for a hearing on supervised parenting time when Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca ordered the Tsimhoni kids to have a “healthy relationship” with their father, to apologize, and have a nice lunch with him.

They refused and Gorcyca held them in contempt. She had each child taken to Children’s Village’s juvenile hall, where they will remain until they are 18 years old! The Tsimhoni kids are now separated from both parents as well as each other. Their mother is not even allowed to visit them.

Divorces are unfortunately common now-a-days. It is a very difficult situation, and extremely hard on everyone involved. Most families try their best to protect the children and keep them emotionally stable. Fourteen, ten and nine are young ages… and difficult ages for experiencing a parental divorce.

I can’t say I know the full story, or what happens behind closed doors, but I can say that this doesn’t seem like a solution that would help these kids during this difficult time. I honestly don’t understand how a judge could make such a call and put these young children in a frightful situation… away from their mom! It should be way more difficult to take kids away from a mother who has not been deemed harmful toward her children.

Why not listen and be more understanding for the children’s decision to not follow the judge’s order? The son tried to explain to the judge that he felt his dad was violent since he saw him hit his mom. The judge brushed it off by saying he was brainwashed. These children are old enough to voice concerns and make decisions that they feel comfortable with, yet they’re being treated as though they have no rights.

What if there are dark, untold secrets or reasons in this family where it would be perfectly justifiable for children to not want to spend time with their father?


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