Oakland County Moms Contest Rules

Oakland County Moms Contest Rules – Rules, regulations, and procedures for contests held on Oakland County Moms dot com. Oakland County Moms features various contests as a reward to our members and a service to our advertisers.

Oakland County Moms works closely with local PR agencies and entertainment venues to feature prizes (tickets) for family related events, concerts and sporting events. Oakland County Moms dot com occasionally features contests from outside advertisers per our discretion if the promotion enhances or promotes the Oakland County Moms brand or message. Contact us or call us at 248-534-3934 for info on how to list your contest on Oakland County Moms.

Oakland County Moms Contest Rules and Regulations


The contest will take place during the dates and times specified in the official rules of the specific contest page (the “Promotion Period”). Oakland County Moms may change the dates and/or terms of the contest without prior notice.

Decisions of OaklandCountyMoms.com management with respect to the contest are final.

Oakland County Moms reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the contest if it is not capable of completion as planned, including, without limitation, as a result of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort.

You May….

Enter (and win) as many contests as you’d like. If we are currently running, for example, 10 contests – you man enter (and win) all 10. There is no rules or exclusions to the number of contests you may enter (and win). You are not limited by the number of times you win. We have no “30 day” rule for winners.


Drawings from e-mail entries are placed in a web-based contest randomizer (like THIS ONE). Winners are notified shortly after contest expiration date (shown on each contest page). Winners are notified via e-mail or, in some cases, by phone. Winners must respond to notification within 24 hours or prize will go to an alternate winner. The winners (first name, last name initial and city info for privacy concerns) for each Oakland County Moms contest will be posted on the contest page after winners are drawn or announced.

Oakland County Moms will ship prizes or winner will be instructed how to pick them up. Oakland County Moms IS NOT responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen mail.

In the event of the prize being tickets, it is often required that tickets will be left via “will call” where the event is to be held. If a prize is for tickets held at “will call”, tickets are non-transferable as winner must show ID to pick up the tickets at the venue.

Oakland County Moms allows for 1 entry per household per contest. More than 1 entry per contest by same household will make entries for that contest by that household null and void.

Prizes Not Claimed Policy

Do not enter and Oakland County Moms contest you don’t wish to win. Oakland County Moms does not have time or energy for people who suddenly “can’t go” or wish to exchange prizes for another prize. Oakland County Moms can’t wait for winners to finalize plans to see if they can attend an event.

If winners do not respond to the notification that they’ve won within 24 hours, the prize may be given to someone else (next randomly drawn entry), or put back and re-run the contest entirely. If the prize is event tickets, Oakland County Moms has very little window to notify venues. If the contest or prize doesn’t require an immediate response, Oakland County Moms will hold the prize for 30 days. If no response after 30 days, prize will be given to someone else with no announcement or the contest will be re-run.

Oakland County Moms Is Not Responsible For

  • Changes to event dates and times
  • Cancellation of events
  • If the prize or event you won tickets to doesn’t live up to your expectations
  • Any injuries incurred at events (read the back of the ticket)
  • 3rd party cancellations of services, products, or items
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged prizes

If you have questions about Oakland County Moms contest rules or procedures, Contact us or call us at 248-534-3934.

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