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Obii the Sextoy by Biird Review

Obii the Sextoy by Biird Review – We forwarded the Obii Sextoy to one of our editors to review this cute nightstand table lamp and clitoras stimulator.

Obii the Sextoy Review

Being that I’m near 40 and divorced, I was totally game to review the Obii Sextoy. Yes, this is a sensitive and typically private subject, but let’s be open and honest here so this can be a truthful, complete, and reputable review.


First, I’ll describe the Obii sextoy. This sex toy is different from other adult toys I’ve seen (and experienced). It is a clitoral stimulator with two main functions, each with three intensity settings. The two main functions are vibration and suction pulses.

Obii Video

The Obii Sextoy is made of silicone (great for the latex allergic) and is BPA and Phthalates free. Obii is rechargeable via a lit up wireless charging base. The Obii sits discreetly on your nightstand like a nightlight. It comes in three different colors – mint, pink, or yellow. The Obii is slightly larger than the size of my palm.

Ok, now for the good stuff. I tried both modes – vibration and suction. The vibration mode was more typical of what you’d expect in a sex toy / vibrator. The Obii has ridges and the unit vibrates for stimulation. Again, I found this to be pretty typical, like a vibrating egg. Then I tried the suction mode. In my opinion, this is what makes the Obii stand out from the rest of the sex toys. This was a more intense clitoral stimulation and climax than the vibration mode, and even got the job done a lot quicker ;) . I’d say probably quicker and more intense than any traditional vibrator I’ve used.

I’d say it’s safe to say that Obii is my go-to sex toy. However, I think it would be difficult if you’re looking to use it for clitoral stimulation during sex…the rounder shape of it may make it difficult to fit into the action.”

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