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Omaha Steaks Review

Omaha Steaks Review – review of Omaha Steaks food packages. Have you ever seen an Omaha Steaks package for a great price that’s too good to pass up? I tried them to see if there is good value in purchasing a large package of Omaha Steaks, hot dogs, twice baked potatoes, and hamburgers.

Whether you purchase them to store in your freezer for easy, convenient, and quick dinners later, OR, you buy them for someone as a gift. Everything with a Omaha Steaks is individually packaged, so it is easy to prepare, even for dinner for one!  Great concept, but, I have finally had the chance to review and actually try the Omaha Steaks, and I was not impressed.

I did not feel like making dinner last night so I went to the freezer and pulled out Omaha Steaks stuffed fillets of sole and twice baked potatoes.  The descriptions sounded delicious and the presentation looked good.  It was definitely easy to cook, but, when Omaha Steaks came out of the oven and made its way onto our plates, we were disappointed.  My husband took a couple of bites and then walked back to the kitchen to have a bowl of cereal.  I tried to eat Omaha Steaks (I hate wasting food) but it wasn’t worth the calories.  I had cereal as well.  We ended up throwing the food in the trash.  I made the Omaha Steaks comparison to cafeteria fare. So, if I were away at college, this is what I would have expected.  But, I spent good money on Omaha Steaks, and the advertising and claims all told me it was going to be great – not so much.  We were also not impressed by the Omaha Steaks.  I prefer steaks that I have purchased at the store.  The burgers were ok, but how can you mess those up?  And, when we tried the so-called “gourmet” franks, they were far from gourmet. I never knew that a hot dog could taste bad. Yuck.

Bottom line, I would highly recommend not buying any last minute gifts at the Omaha Steaks store. I hope this Omaha Steaks review was helpful.

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