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Omnia Phone By Verizon Review

Omnia Phone By Verizon Review – review and video demo tutorial of the Ominia phone with Swype Technology. I had the Omnia phone by Verizon for a while because there was a lot to discover and review. Two main differences the Omnia phone by Verizon has from other phones are the Cube and the Swype Technology. The Cube is 3D cube user interface which allows you to reach certain screens easily. The new Swype Technology is an on-screen keyboard that allows you to drag from letter to letter within a word instead of picking up and tapping each letter. It can improve your speed of entering text onto your phone. You can watch the video below to see how this works.


[vsw id=”P72FQYocIsw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

It took me a bit to get used to Swyping, but then it got easier and I liked it. The phone is pretty forgiving as well – good for me:). You don’t have to be perfect with it and it can usually figure out what word you are trying to spell. I can see how you could get so used to this method that you would not want to go back. But, it does not work for certain things, e.g. passwords, entering an email address, etc. These don’t necessarily make up words and I am guessing that is why I could not swype these in.

I loved the battery life of the Omnia phone by Verizon. I have used many phones, and this one had the best battery life by far. I kept waiting for it to run out and it kept going like the Energizer Bunny. It might help that it has a lock button which allows you to manually put the phone into “sleep” mode instead of waiting for it to do it. I know it’s not the only phone to have this, but it’s a feature that I would look for when buying a phone.

A couple of other interesting features is that the button for taking pics with the camera is placed on the phone just like a button from a real camera – right up at the top right corner. It helps to keep the phone steady so you can take some great shots.

The Omnia phone by Verizon also has an FM radio feature that you can use if you have a headset. The phone automatically scans and finds the FM stations in your area. Pretty cool. I would totally use this feature if I had my laptop at a coffee shop or the library…

I also like the memo board on the Omnia phone by Verizon. You can choose from many different designs (cork board, chalk board, notepad…) and then hand write a note, save it as a jpg and even email it out. I found this to be helpful when I wanted to write down a quick thought and email it to myself. It seemed to work even faster than writing out and sending an email. I’m all about the fastest options.

There’s a Smart Reader app on the Omnia phone by Verizon that lets you take pictures of business cards and documents, and even takes a snapshot of text that it can convert from English to Spanish. I could not get the translation part to work. It did recognize any of the words I chose. But, I did like the business card feature. I have a TON of business cards and this would be a great way to organize them all and flip through them easily.

I also like the Unit converter n the Omnia phone by Verizon. It has a tip calculator and a measurement converter for length, weight and area. It’s not something I would use constantly, but the fact that it was easily accessible under the start menu, is easy to use, and is one of those things that can be helpful if you really need it, makes it a great convenience.

Another convenience – the Bing app on the Omnia phone by Verizon in the start menu. It has voice activated search and already has catalogs of info all available for you once you select a city. You can easily find gyms, movies, gas prices, traffic, weather, etc. in your city.

Overall, my only complaint with the Omnia phone by Verizon is that it is not as easy to use as most other phones. Getting to specific features is sometimes a search vs. being at your finger tips. It can be a bit inconvenient, but there is convenience gained if you like the Swype method. But, the phone does require a bit of patience to learn it, and once learned, it still is not as easily navigable as some other phones I’ve seen.

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