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Online Education Benefits for High School Students

Online Education Benefits for High School Students – Here are three key benefits to an online education approach for high school students from author Michael Keathley.

Most parents hope their children will receive a quality secondary and postsecondary education that will lead them to a great career. One of the best ways to make this happen is for high school juniors and seniors to get involved in online education.

Online Education Benefits for High School Students

1 – Variety – Most local communities simply do not have the resources needed to sustain the wealth of learning opportunities available to today’s student and that would be beneficial to a young person’s future. For instance, local foreign language programs are typically limited to Spanish and French; however, online programs may include dozens of other languages, some in much higher demand by employers and government agencies (e.g., Arabic and Russian). These options may be combined creatively to set high-schoolers off on a solid path toward a future career.

2 – Continuity – The shift from high school to college can be difficult for many learners. By taking some classes online, preferably as dual-enrollment college courses, juniors and seniors can get a taste of college life and expectations while enjoying the full resources and support of both schools. With careful planning, students can lay out a “career ladder,” which basically means they begin taking combined steps through academia and the workplace at the same time. For instance, a junior hoping to earn an M.B.A. and start her own business someday could begin by taking her General Education core classes as online dual-enrollment, earning both high school and college credit. She could also obtain a part-time entry level job, internship, or externship at a local business to add real-world experience. Best of all, her efforts could be combined as she could connect e-learning to an e-business. A career ladder approach not only helps students get a headstart on their education, but also on their careers.

3 – Skills – Online education offers high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to hone their computer fluency for Digital Age employment. Most jobs require knowledge of how to use a computer and other electronic devices. Employers today expect their employees to be fluent in digital communication within a global environment (e.g., to be able to communicate in an online webinar with colleagues from around the world). High school students in online courses will learn more than just typing skills, they will learn about other software and multimedia options, for example, that will enable them to build a storehouse of marketable skills for their future careers. Virtual education lends itself naturally to three main skill areas employers are seeking.

The days when employers looked suspiciously upon online education are over. The time when most people worked at a local business their entire lives has come to an end. E-learning is a great way for high school juniors and seniors to set off on a solid path toward academic and career success.

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