Onyx Ice Arena Skating Lessons Review

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Onyx Ice Arena Skating Lessons Review – Review of Learn to Skate Ice Skating Lessons at Onyx (Rochester Ice Arena) in Rochester Hills MI PLUS tips to help kids learn to ice skate.


When my kids had expressed interest in ice skating, I signed them up for ice skating lessons. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of indoor rinks in Oakland County that provide the service. We chose skating lessons at Onyx Ice Arena but I’m familiar with most of the local rinks and they all provide quality lessons.


The key to good lessons is a great staff, e.g. knowledgeable, patient and loves kids. My daughter had never tried ice skating before and was totally terrified, and a bit irked with me for signing her up for the skating lessons against her wishes. But I knew this would be a great experience for her. I tried telling her ice skating would be tough at first, but with good guidance she could get better at it and enjoy it. For some reason, she just wasn’t believing me.

The staff at Onyx made my daughter feel comfortable and she finally got on the ice for her first ice skating lesson. It was a basic lesson that teaches basic skills for the first half hour and then has open practice for the last half hour. The staff would notice if a skater needed a little more help than others in the class, and would work with them one-on-one.  By the end, my daughter had wiped away the tears of fear, and was asking if we could come back the next day.

The Learn to Skate program at Onyx is seven weeks long and I’m looking forward to seeing my kids’ improvement by the end of it. It helps for them to learn the skills and then also have time to practice them. I can honestly say I already saw improvement after just one lesson and I am reassured that ice skating lessons is a great way to get kids started with ice skating.

Onyx Ice Arena Skating Lessons Review – Video

Ice skating is a fun activity and taking ice skating lessons helps the fun begin even sooner.

Onyx Figure Skating Director was kind enough to send over these tips for helping kids get the most out of ice skating lessons and learn to skate classes.

Onyx Ice Arena Skating Lessons Review – Tips

  • A helmet is highly recommended. Bike helmet, hockey helmet or ski helmets are fine.
  • Snow pants are good because they provide extra padding and don’t soak up the water from the ice as much.
  • Gloves with the fingers instead of mittens.
  • Tie skates tightly around the ankle to provide as much support as possible.
  • No baggy/lose clothing that would make it easy to trip on.
  • Stand up quickly after falling.
  • Keep your eyes up and look around at all times to avoid a collision.
  • No gum.
  • Always make sure your skates are sharpened. If you are buying new skates most of them need to be sharpened before skating on them.

Onyx Rochester Ice Arena
52999 Dequindre Road
Rochester, MI 48307

For more info on Onyx Ice Arena Skating Lessons, visit onyxicearena.com.

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