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Oogieloves Movie Review

Oogieloves Movie Review – review of Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure movie. The Oogieloves are new children’s characters from creator Kenn Viselman, also known for his work with the Teletubbies and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. With an Oogieloves TV show on the horizon, the buzz and hope is that Oogieloves can become the next hot show for children.

The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure is the first movie that is interactive for children and their parents. The creators felt there is so much screen time these days among children, they figured they would a movie that is active with movement. For so long, us parents have worried about whether or not our children would behave in theaters. As parents, we preface a trip to the show with the old “Sit down and be quiet” speech. With the new Oogieloves movie, parents can encourage children to stand up, sing, dance, talk, and move around during the movie.

Oogieloves gets the kids involved in the movie through repitition, singing, and dancing. The Oogieloves movie is geared toward children ages 3-7. The Oogieloves movie gives signs that help guide the kids with what to do – butterflies show when to stand up and be interactive, turtles show when it’s time to sit back down.

I had the opportunity to attend a preview of the Oogieloves movie and review the Oogieloves movie with my children. The Oogieloves movie is focused on love and friendship. It is a triple G rated movie so you can feel completely comfortable having your children watch it.  The movie uses no evil. It’s all good. Writer Scott Stabile says Oogieloves gives mom and children an option that’s safe, loving… there’s enough gloom and doom in this world. This movie is a great family time theatre experience. It incorporates conflict in a non scary way. There won’t be any “scary” scenes that will have them sitting at the edge of their seats nervously. Instead, they will have fun, laugh, and be active.

Michiganders especially will look forward to the Oogieloves movie… Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure was filmed in Michigan. In fact, Scott Stabile who wrote the movie is also from Michigan. There are plans to do a second and third movie as well… both in Michigan.

Another Michigan component… the movie producers are working on a Get Healthy program with Henry Ford for chidren ages two and up. They took the money they would have spent on an after party and gave it back to Detroit with the Get Healthy program – a contribution of $150,000 to run this program and keep kids active.

The creators are also working on making a Oogieloves TV series for 2015. It might have a different look than the movie; it might be more animated.

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