Organic vs Conventional Diets for Children

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Organic vs Conventional Diets for Children – If you choose to eat organic food you may be giving your child’s health a boost. Children who eat organically grown food are exposed to a lower level of pesticides.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture now has a seal that certifies that food tagged with this seal has been grown free of growth hormones and genetically engineered substances, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

What exactly does organic mean and what are the benefits of an organic food diet?

• 100% Organic – products are completely organic or made of all organic ingredients
• Organic – products that are at least 95% organic
• Made with organic ingredients – these products contain at least 70% organic ingredients.  The organic seal cannot be used on the products.

The Environmental Health Perspective says that children who consume organic diets benefit from the decreased probability of developing neurological diseases because they are not exposed to pesticide residue.  Children who eat organic fruits and vegetables may show health benefits related to improved diets, such as weight control, fewer vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or decreased development of chronic diseases.

Not only will your child be exposed to less chemicals, it has been demonstrated that most organic food has higher amounts of nutrients, such as vitamins, antioxidants and Omega 3’s.  Over all, organic food is healthier and being organic means the food was grown using USDA guidelines and only such can be labeled as organic. Organic food is fresher and good for the environment.  It reduces pollution, conserves water, and uses less energy.  Without the chemical pesticides it is better for the birds and animals as well as the people picking the food.

Organic vs Conventional Diets for Children. The benefit of organic diets has been proven all over the world.  The amount of organic food being consumed has grown immensely over the last few decades. The future belongs to the organics.

When thinking about purchasing your organics and/or vegetables, consider local co-op’s or companies that deliver locally grown produce right to your doorstep like Door to Door Organics of Michigan.

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