OXS Soundbar S3 Review

OXS Soundbar S3 review and info. The OXS Soundbar is high-performance at a lower cost than most high end home entertainment electronics. The S3 supports USB, AUX, OPTICAL, and COAXIAL wired audio input to connect with the TV/PC.

We love using soundbars to enhance the quality of our TV’s sound systems. I think that most TV’s come with a subpar sound system and I prefer to have the sound fill a room when watching TV, especially for movies, football games, and action packed shows. I also love how a good soundbar helps for hearing certain dialogue that would otherwise be hard to hear. A good 3D surround sound makes the world of a difference.

So, I was recently offered this product for a OXS Soundbar S3 review. Although I was given this product to trial, my opinions are my own.

I received the OXS S3 and installed it within minutes. It came with very detailed instructions, which I love because these things sometimes confuse me. I connected it to the TV using the optical wire. This product supports USB, AUX, OPTICAL, and COAXIAL wired audio input to connect with the TV/PC.

Then I plugged in the power and turned it on with the TV volume turned down to 0. I had the TV volume on first, then switched it to the soundbar and wow, what a difference! It was honestly a better sound quality than I had expected. It delivered a true 3D surround sound.

We have other soundbars in the house, including a Sony, and this OXS Soundbar is much better and sells for less than what I paid for the Sony years ago. I even saw in the product description that the total harmonic distortion is <1% which is better than the Sony S200F, and about half the price!

The OXS S3 is equipped with 4 full range speakers and dynamic bass with special port tube reflection to simulate a cinematic experience. The OXS Soundbar S3 has full volume at a maximum of 96dB and peak 80W power. The OXS Soundbar S3 converts a TV’s sound to crystal clear sound. And, it can also give you an enjoyable music experience like you are in a concert.


This model has three different modes (Music mode, Movie mode, Game mode/News mode) to create the perfect sound experience. The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission allows for you to connect the OXS Soundbar S3 to wireless devices like cell phones, i-pads, tablets, and laptops, providing lossless audio transmission and 360-degree sound.

Purchase it herehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B093DP48J3

I hope you find this OXS Soundbar S3 review is helpful.

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