Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant

Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant review, pics, hours, and menu info. The restaurant is located off Orion Rd in Rochester MI; a nice stop along the Paint Creek trail. Many are familiar with the cider mill, but you might not be aware that there is a full menu restaurant as well at the Paint Creek Cider Mill.

The restaurant has seasonal hours and is often closed for the winter, the super slow season, but is now open.

Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant Pics

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The restaurant is somewhat fast food in style… i.e. you order at the counter. But, the food quality is that of a sit-down restaurant. When I entered the restaurant to order, I was expecting someplace you could order a microwave hamburger or a corndog. Instead, you’ll find a great selection of food on the menu, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality.


Dishes you’ll find on the menu include homemade pizzas, sandwiches and wraps, burgers, salads and BBQ. We couldn’t try everything in one visit, but the pizza at another table looked fantastic. We ordered a pizza burger as well as the new BBQ fries which comes with fries dusted with BBQ rub and topped with house smoked pulled pork and cider BBQ sauce. The cider BBQ sauce is really good and the standard. It’s the only BBQ sauce option and is served with all of the BBQ entrees. When ordering a BBQ entree, your choice of sides include the typical coleslaw, baked beans and fries… as well as a Paint Creek Cider Mill only treat… a donut!

The PCCM restaurant is like a hidden gem. I don’t think many know that they serve up more than just cider, donuts, and baked goods. The restaurant is definitely worth a visit. And, as they mentioned while we were there, they’re changing up the menu all the time so it’s worth it to check back often. From what they said, they’ll be adding in more BBQ platters and sausage. The only thing it lacks is a decent dining room but it’s perfect if you want to dine outside.

While waiting of your food, you may also shop the store for old time candy, raw honey, maple syrup and so much more, including donuts and Hershey’s ice cream for dessert.

Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant
4480 Orion Rd, Rochester, MI 48306

Restaurant Hours

For more info on Paint Creek Cider Mill Restaurant, visit their facebook page

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