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Painting With A Twist Review

Painting With A Twist Review – review of Painting With A Twist art parties in Ferndale MI. I was invited by Painting With a Twist to attend one of their Art Party / Learn to paint sessions and write about the experience.


Painting With A Twist Art Party Class is a great girls night out opportunity! The premise of the Art Party is that you can bring your own beer or wine and learn to paint a beautiful picture. Think of a Bob Ross painting class with wine!

My biggest thought before the class was… how am I (someone who can barely draw a stick figure) going to paint a nice picture? I saw all the photos on the Painting With a Twist website and was amazed at the works of art these women pulled off!

I completed my fantastic girls night out with my BFF at the Painting With a Twist in Ferndale (I’ll be attending another one in Farmington very soon). If you’re not familiar with Painting With a Twist, their tag sums it up nicely…”It’s a little bit of paint, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of fun!”.

Here’s how the Painting With A Twist Art Party Class works…

You get a group of girl friends together, or one, or go solo. You check out the Painting With a Twist website where you’ll find the paintings that are scheduled to be done on different days. Find the one you love, and book your painting class.

You show up at Painting With a Twist about 15-30 minutes before your time, and just hang with the ladies sipping wine. This is my kind of night. Once everyone is all relaxed and having fun, it’s time to learn to paint.

I was relieved when I received my canvas and saw that it was stenciled with a pencil sketch outline to get me started. This is exactly what I needed to start with in order to reach my masterpiece in the end!

Each person at the party is assigned a seat and your name is written at your placement. Everything is all set up for you – the easel, paint, water cup, and brushes are there waiting for you when you arrive. And, best yet… there’s a highly qualified art/painting instructor to help teach you how to paint your picture!

The instructor/artist guides the class through the entire process. She explains how to mix your paints, which brush to use, what strokes to try, etc. The whole setup promotes a fool-proof situation. The Painting With a Twist instructor also did a great job calming everyone’s nerves. She had great painting/art tips and I used every one of them.

Painting at Painting With a Twist truly turned out to be a relaxing, de-stressing, getaway kind of experience.

By time my “work of art” was completed, I was thrilled and knew that it would be something I would not be embarrassed to hang in my home. I brought it home and proudly showed my family. My kids were amazed and asked me how I did it – they know my lack of artistic abilities pretty well.

When I think about the Painting With A Twist Art Party/Girls Night Out experience as a whole, it was a great night out with a friend where we ended up having fun, and walked away with a tangible memory that will be displayed proudly in both our homes.

UPDATE: I attended another Painting With A Twist class and it had an even more casual feel. This one did not come with the pencil outline to guide the painting, but rather a plain white canvas! I was a little concerned, but the art instructor calmed us down and explained that she was going to be guiding us, but that we could feel free to do our own thing – at any point in the process. We could do a completely different drawing of our own, we could revise some of the steps she was teaching, etc. I was surprised to see so many of the ladies in the class stray from the original art plan and come up with some beautiful creations. There were different backgrounds, color schemes and completely different themes used. All were beautiful!

Painting With A Twist
320 W 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI 48220
(248) 850-7182

Painting With A Twist
33033 Grand River Ave
Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 476-7928

Painting With A Twist Review date July 30 2013

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