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Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion

Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion Review – Pics, and menu info. Il Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion on Lapeer Rd is a great combination of delicious Italian food and indoor bocce fun for all.

The restaurant is very spacious with high ceilings and offers plenty of seating as well as six indoor full-length bocce courts for play. There is also a separate courtyard area at the Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion for private parties, and it also includes additional full-length bocce courts. Il Pallazo di Bocce is so big, the noise level is non-existent and it allows for a peaceful and enjoyable dining experience.

Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion Review

I don’t regularly review the nicer, more upscale restaurants in Oakland County because I like to keep things kid-friendly. This time around I decided to go to a more date-friendly restaurant, but what I ended up with was a very nice Italian restaurant that was perfect for quiet evening and is extremely family-friendly.

The Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion allows for bocce fans to play bocce indoors, join bocce leagues, join in the bocce competitions, and aim for trophies and prizes. There is court side food and bar service as well for those who like to eat while they watch and play bocce. Bocce court reservations are recommended one week out.

Il Pallazo di Bocce Lake Orion is owned by a local Italian family. Owner Anthony Battaglia owned the property and originally planned on opening a bocce club. Then he decided there was enough property to build Il Pallazo di Bocce as it stands today.

My husband and I had the opportunity to meet the owners and saw first hand how incredibly kind they are and how much it means to them to be a partner in the community. They hold many family friendly events.

The dining experience at Il Pallazo di Bocce is in keeping with Italian tradition. Wine is served in a tumbler style glass rather than a wine glass, because “that’s how it’s done in Italy.” House salads are automatically served with a vinaigrette dressing, mixed greens (no iceberg lettuce here), and are accompanied with a side of goat’s cheese. Fresh warm bread is served with the meal and olive oil is provided in place of butter.

Il Pallazo di Bocce decor is very fresh and lively. Faux vineyards are draped around a wooden frame creating a ceiling of greenery. A large marble fountain sits in the center of Il Pallazo di Bocce. And, the bocce courts are placed on the outsides of the main dining area. Everything is clean, and well maintained. I normally have reservations about taking my kids to nicer restaurants but Il Pallazo di Bocce is different. The atmosphere is so large and lively that kids are welcome to get up and explore without bothering anyone. Watching (or playing) bocce is very entertaining while dining!

Our food at Il Pallazo di Bocce was excellent. My husband had a steak dish that was topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and an onion jam. I tried the saffron pasta topped with shrimp. The Il Pallazo di Bocce food was quality, fresh, and very reasonably priced. Other menu options include traditional Italian plates such as ravioli, lasagna, Marsala, fish and more, made with special touches. Gluten free pasta is also available. And for the kids, Il Pallazo di Bocce offers a very reasonably priced kids menu that includes items such as spaghetti, pizza, chicken Parmesan, pasta, ravioli. Il Palazzo di Bocce Lake Orion menu has lunch style items such as sandwiches and burgers.

The restaurant almost appears imposing due to its cavernous size. It screams “formal”, “expensive”, and perhaps too dedicated to the Italian theme. I found the opposite to be true. It’s definitely informal enough for kids to enjoy, I found the food reasonably prices, and I found tremendous variety with the menu so even diners who might not enjoy authentic Italian food had plenty of Americanized choices.

Il Pallazo di Bocce Pics

Il Palazzo di Bocce
4291 S Lapeer Rd.
Orion, MI 48359
Il Palazzo di Bocce Lake Orion Website

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