PaMu Quiet Earbuds Review

PaMu Quiet Earbuds – Review of PaMu noise cancelling wireless earphones. These are cheaper than Apple AirPods & with the noise cancellation bonus, but are they worth it?

PaMu Quiet Earbuds Review

I admit, I typically get cautious about the latest gadgets. Partly because I feel like technology is passing me faster than I can learn it, but also because I tend to feel that the more complicated something gets, the more likely it will fail or experience issues.

I received a request to try out the PaMu Quiet Earphones…full disclosure – they sent me the product for free to sample it, but my review is always my own opinion.

At first I was hesitant to do the review because I have always just stuck to the wired headset for my bluetooth needs, listening to music, chatting on my cell, etc. And, to be honest, I kind of thought that the ear buds looked a little goofy with these chunky white things sticking out of the ears like they don’t belong there.

But, I decided to give the PaMu Quiet Earphones a try because they seemed different and worth it.

I tried the PaMu Quiet Earphones while listening to music through my cell (via Spotify). Honestly, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the sound. I could hear everything in the song, even things I had not noticed before. In addition to the sound quality, I was surprised to find that I truly could not hear a thing outside of the music I was listening to. The noise cancelation on these PaMu Quiet Earphones is top notch.

I decided to test them out on my kids since they have the Apple AirPods. I didn’t tell them anything about the PaMu Quiet Earphones. I wanted to see what they would say without me saying anything. They both agreed that the sound quality was great. Additionally, I intentionally tried to speak to them while they were wearing them, and they motioned to me that they could not hear a thing I was saying. So, they seconded that the noise cancelling feature on the PaMu Quiet Earphones is truly effective.


It’s all Greek to me, but from what I understand, these PaMu Quiet Earphones are the world’s first Qualcomm and AMS tech integrated earphones. Most earbuds are feedback or feed-forward cancelation. PaMu Quiet Earphones combine both so it is a hybrid noise cancelation.

Other than the music, I tried to sample the PaMu Quiet Earphones for phone use, but it didn’t work very well so I’m thinking they are intended for music only.

As far as appearance is concerned, I love that the PaMu Quiet Earphones are black. For some reason, to me, they don’t look goofy like the white ones. These just blend in well with my hair I guess.

The PaMu Quiet Earphones comes with a quality protective charging case that blows the Apple away. It reminds me of a leather covered pocket watch. It is made of alloy and plastic and covered with leather. There are really cool blue LED lights on it to show charging progress.

Honestly, I think the PaMu Quiet Earbuds make a great gift idea for anyone in the family. They’re cheaper than what I recall paying for the AirPods for my kids last Christmas. I’m all about decent prices and quality, so these are a win in my opinion.

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