Parenting Bedwetting Issues

Parenting Bedwetting Issues – handling the issue of a child either frequently or non-frequently wetting their bed. Bedwetting is an issue thousands of parents deal with. Though bedwetting is a condition the child usually grows out of, how parents handle the bedwetting issue could negatively impact a child’s growth through into their adult years.

Parenting Bedwetting Issues

Thankfully parenting bedwetting issues have come along ways from how they were handled in the past – with shame and uncertainty. GoodNites, by the makers of Huggies and Huggies Pull-Ups, have introducted several helpful parenting solutions to help navigate the issue. Also, they hired celebrity Ian Ziering, a former bedwetter, to speak about the issue and the issue of bedwetting. It’s an issue he dealt with as a child AND has to deal with his three-year old daughter.

Had the chance to interview Ian Ziering about parenting bedwetting issues.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – Now that you’re a parent, what are some of the challenges you face as a dad?

Ian Ziering – Well, being a dad is the best role I’ve ever played, but it also presents itself with some challenges that you have to kind of deal with as your kids develop. Right now, a particular one of the challenges we’re dealing with is a bit of bedwetting. My 3-year old, Penna, has been wetting the bed on occasion. But, we try to steamroll over these speedbumps. Where in the past, like when I grew up, if I wet the bed I’d wake up in a panic. I’d try and change my bed sheets before my parents would wake up, or God forbid my brothers would get wind of it…. I would be razzed to no end. Often I would go to sleep with some anxiety fearing that I would wet the bed again. I don’t want Penna to do that. Recently, I started working with the people at GoodNites to help break the stigma associated with bed wetting. Parents need to regain the confidence so they and their kids can rest easy at night. My daughter…it’s a complete non-issue for her. She puts the GoodNites on herself. If she wets, she doesn’t even realize it because the technology is such that it wisks the pee away. But, she wakes up in the morning and there’s no hiccup about it. She’ll take the pants off herself which is great because she’s waking up with confidence. When I was a little kid, I’d wake up embarrassed or ashamed. So, she’s not dealing with any of that. I think ultimately, that’s going to empower her to do great things because it’s freeing up her mind to not worry. And, she’s getting to sleep at night… and I’m getting to sleep at night… which makes it so fantastic!

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – You handled that so well. Why should a child feel embarrassed or ashamed over something they have no control over.

Ian Ziering – You’re right. There is not way to control this. This is something that is developmental. One in six kids ages four to 12 wet the bed. But, what’s important to know is it’s natural. It’s a developmental thing that most people get over. You know you should always talk to a doctor in case it’s indicative of a larger problem. But, for the most part, it just runs its course and life continues. But, during that formative time in a kid’s life, it’s so important to not make a big deal about it. It’s really something children need to understand happens to most, if not all, of us. It’s something that we’ve been dealing with at this stage. Every stage has its challenges. As kids grow, we get a whole new set of challenges…but it’s manageable. Parents don’t really talk about bedwetting too much in social conversation so finding solutions is difficult. But, there are ways to help parents deal with it. The GoodNites are one way we do that at this particular stage.

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