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Park 600 Royal Park Hotel Restaurant

Park 600 Royal Park Hotel Restaurant Review – Pics, hours and menu info. PARK 600 bar + kitchen is located in Rochester MI at the Royal Park Hotel in the old Brookshire space. PARK 600 offers an upscale casual menu that features locally-sourced ingredients.

The Royal Park Hotel thought this one out very carefully, aiming to give the local community something new and exciting… something they were looking for but couldn’t find anywhere else.

Park 600 Royal Park Hotel Pics

The menu at PARK 600 Royal Park Hotel is quite unique. I often see it described as “Pairing shared plates and bold flavors with refined cocktails.” You’ll find small plates such as Mussels – curry, almonds, cilantro, and grilled Naan bread; Calamari – dragon sauce and scallions; French Onion Soup – baked French onion, provolone, swiss, gruyere, and parmesan crust; and Baked triple brie with smoked bacon onion jam and grilled bread. Entrees include pan seared scallops with savory sweet potato pancakes, pecan crust and chive butter; or steak for two with bordelaise sauce; the PARK 600 Burger with beer mustard cheese, horseradish aioli, pan fried egg, crispy onions and parmesan truffle fries, and so much more!

PARK 600 has a wood fire grill for making some great pizza. We checked out PARK 600 recently and opted for the pizza, which is hard to pass up. We tried the Frank (description: best darned pepperoni pizza ever) and the Mediterranean (description: spinach, wild mushroom, artichokes, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, goat cheese). Both were cooked perfectly. Additionally, there were able to make my pizza gluten free. The menu doesn’t state this as an option, but it is for sure available… just ask!

Now on to the desserts… we tried a dessert that needed no further introduction or fancy name other than “Cake.” Order the Cake and you won’t be disappointed. Cake is a three-layer dark chocolate cake with ganache mousse and housemade salted caramel. Be sure to dip each forkful of cake into the caramel. It’s heavenly.

PARK 600 offers up unique, high quality cocktails that are literally works of art. They tempt you into wanting to sit at the gorgeous bar and sip cocktails all night long. It’s hard to even do them justice with an explanation, but we’ll give it a shot… the Bourbon is make with grilled peach pecan infusion and bourbon barrel bitters, the 600 Old Fashioned (one of my father-in-law’s favorite drinks) is made with Ron Zacapa 23 year rum, bourbon barrel aged bitters, orange bitters and orange peel. Some drinks have a fun twist, like the nitro spiced sangria. Instead of watering down the beverage with ice, they use cranberries frozen with liquid nitrogen and the drink smokes when the sangria is poured over the chilled cranberries! There’s so much more… you just have to check it out for yourself.

PARK 600 bar + kitchen
600 East University Drive in Rochester, MI, 248-453-8732,

PARK 600 bar + kitchen hours

  • Monday-Thursday – 6:30a-Midnight
  • Friday 6:30a-2a
  • Saturday 7:30a-2a
  • Sunday 7:30a-Midnight

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