Pepsi Natural Review


Pepsi Natural Review – review of Pepsi Natural in terms as taste as well as info on ingredients, caffeine content, and more.

I loved drinking Coca Cola and Pepsi out of glass bottles when I was younger. It always seemed to taste better out of the real bottle. I was happy to see that Pepsi finally released Pepsi Natural and was excited to try it and review it. Pepsi Natural is made with all-natural ingredients (sparkling water, natural sugar, kola nut extract) and gets it’s color from caramel and apple extract). More importantly, it doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup!

I’m pretty disappointed with Pepsi Natural. Most notable… It doesn’t even really taste like Pepsi. It’s heavy and has a coffee or kind of a Dr. Pepper flavor to it. It also leaves a pretty pronounced after-taste. I loved the chilled glass bottle but found myself not wanting to even finish my debut Pepsi Natural.

Don’t confuse “Natural” with “healthy” either. To their credit, I don’t think Pepsi is trying to bluff anyone here but the Pepsi Natural sugar content is a whopping 38g for a 12 oz serving. Pepsi Natural caffeine content ranks right up there with Mountain Dew at 38mg per 12 oz serving.

Our kids don’t really care for pop, so we didn’t have them test it. Have you or your kids tried Pepsi Natural? If so, did you and your kids like it? I hope you found my Pepsi Natural review helpful.

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