Perfect Brownie Pan Review

Perfect Brownie Pan Review – Does the Pefect Brownie Pan work? I bought one for this Perfect Brownie Pan Review… The basics of the Perfect Brownie Pan is that you pour the batter in the Perfect Brownie Pan and then lower the dividers into the batter. When you are done baking, you remove the dividers and voila! You have the perfect brownies! All are cut into perfect sized pieces. They don’t fall apart and they cook perfectly. Could I say “perfect” any more times? Finally, they are very easy to get out of the Perfect Brownie Pan. No more brownies falling apart or getting crushed as you try to pry them out of the pan with a brownie spatula.

I also want to add that Perfect Brownie Pan can be used for way more than just brownies. Don’t let the name fool you. I used it first to make cookie bars and my husband and kids LOVED them. The product comes with a recipe book filled with great recipes – rice krispie treats, ice cream sandwiches, apple crumb bars, and so much more. Perfect Brownie Pan also comes with stencils so you can decorate each treat differently with powdered sugar or sugar crystals. Having the dividers also gives you the chance to customize each piece – use a different stencil, top each with a different topping (M&M’s, candy cane, different colored frosting, plain…). The options are endless. I can’t wait to use my Perfect Brownie Pan again!

You can buy the Perfect Brownie Pan online  but you get charged shipping and handling. If you want to save the $8.95, pick Perfect Brownie Pan up at the store. My mom got mine from Walmart. I hope this Perfect Brownie Pan review was helpful.

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