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Pinot’s Palette Rochester Hills Review

Pinot’s Palette Rochester Hills review, pics, hours, and info. Pinot’s Palette in Rochester Hills is a painting studio where you can enjoy drinks while you are guided through a painting project. Pinot’s Palette is located in the Auburn plaza next to Meijer at 230 E. Auburn Rd.

My friend and I attended a media event for a Pinot’s Palette Rochester Hills review when it officially opened. We made it one of our BFF girls night out events and really had a great time. Plus, we get to walk away with a keepsake. Pinot’s Palette Rochester Hills has a great staff, management and ownership. We really appreciated the experience and enjoyed the night.

Pinot’s Palette Rochester Hills Review – Pics

The evening began with a couple drinks as we had time to socialize before the painting began. You don’t need (and it’s actually not even allowed) to bring your own drinks to Pinot’s Palette. Pinot’s Palette in Rochester Hills has a full bar that serves wine, beer, and select mixed drinks. We also did not have to bring our own wine glasses and drinks were served in real glasses. Believe it or not, this helps…last time my friend accidentally confused her wine glass for the water/paint cup and placed her brush in it!

We then sat down at our table and stared at the blank canvas. With a glass of wine by our side, we were ready to dive into the painting. Music played to set the mood, drinks helped calm the nerves, and the artist began to gradually walk us through the steps of our artwork masterpiece.

The pace of the class moves smooth and kind of quick. There’s time for small chit chat while working, but the painting is actually quite professional looking so you get to become really involved in the experience and there’s not a whole lot of time for gossip. There eventually is a break where everyone takes a few minutes to walk around and have a drink, snack, etc. But, during the painting process, the artist gives step by step instructions so you truly end up with a nice looking painting and I found it best to not miss out on any steps.

By time the evening came to an end, my friend and I had a nice wine buzz going, shared many laughs, took a dozen or so selfies, and left with our own painted memory. I’m looking forward to doing another Pino’s Palette Rochester Hills Girls Night Out soon!

Pinot’s Palette Rochester Hills
230 E. Auburn Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307
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