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Pizzariffic Lake Orion Review and menu info for Pizzariffic on Baldwin Rd in Lake Orion MI. Pizzariffic in Lake Orion has a full menu that includes brick oven pizza, chicken, subs, ribs, salads, entrees, and a small selection of desserts such as cannolis and fresh baked cookies.

Pizzariffic Lake Orion offers a (very) casual restaurant dining area. The prices at Pizzariffic are extremely affordable and Pizzariffic offers some menu deals which helps keep it an affordable option for eating out as a family. Pizzariffic also offers a small selection of bottled beers and wine for dine-in customers. Pizzariffic offers free wi-fi.

Pizzariffic Pizza Review

When we arrived at Pizzariffic Lake Orion, we went to the counter and were greeted by staff that didn’t seem all too thrilled to be there. I’m not asking for acrobatics and applause when we enter the building, but a smile would have been nice.

We placed our order and had a seat in the dining area. Pizzariffic is very casual and very family friendly. There are flatscreen TV’s with the remotes left at the table so you can watch whatever you want. It’s as close to being in your own home as it gets, including kids getting up and running around. So be prepared for a not-so-quiet dining experience.

The service was a tad slow especially considering we were only one of two families in there. Plus, when compared to our Fresco and 112 Bistro pizza reviews, you’ll see that these other brick oven pizza places bring out the food in “mere minutes.” This is very true of brick oven style cooked pizzas. They are cooked at high temps and done super quick. That’s the first sign of Pizzariffic pizza not actually being a true “brick oven” pizza experience.

Pizzariffic Lake Orion Pizza does not have a really thin crust – another sign that it’s not brick oven style. There’s also no crispy, partially “burned” crust. It’s soft and doughy. Pizzariffic Brick Oven pizza also tastes quite generic and bland. It was as if my taste buds took the night off. I had to sprinkle it heavily with parmesan and red pepper flakes. Pizzariffic also uses canned mushrooms vs. fresh – probably not the best choice.

The breadsticks are very doughy as well. My kids loved them, but my husband and I felt they were too soft and doughy.

My daughter ordered a ham and cheese sub. It had a great price of $4.99 for a 6″ sub. It was heated so the cheese was nicely melted. However, somehow the sub bread was soggy even though the dressing came on the side and my daughter didn’t use any. And like the pizza, the sub was also bland. I thought it was just me, but my husband agreed. The kids however liked the food. But, I’ve always said that the kids are not pizza snobs and are just as happy with cheap pizzas and frozen pizzas.


Maybe it’s just me but when I hear “Brick Oven” pizza, I just tend to think of gourmet pizza. Pizzariffic is a nice, very affordable pizza place that’s very child-friendly. Just don’t get your hopes up.

UPDATE – Thankfully Pizzariffic in Lake Orion is now closed. It closed sometime in 2014.

Pizzariffic Lake Orion
3063 Baldwin Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48359

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