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Positive Social Media Lessons From Teens

Positive Social Media Lessons From Teens – What if a teen opened a Twitter account that simply tweeted positive & complimentary messages about his classmates?

Positive Social Media Lessons From Teens

I LOVE what the Minnesota 17-year old high school student did with his Twitter account! In case you haven’t heard, he started up a Twitter account  in 2012 so he could send out positive and complimentary tweets regarding classmates that he noticed were being bullied. Basically, he felt the need to offset the bullying with some widespread kindness.

Then seventeen-year-old Kevin Curwick, an Osseo High School football team captain, is using his Twitter account to fight cyberbullies and compliment his classmates. This is clearly a young man who feels he can use his positive influence to help people and isn’t waiting until he becomes an adult to fulfill his aspirations of being a wonderful role model.

If you’re not familiar with it, @OsseoNiceThings anonymously voices positive tweets such as “great artist but even a better friend,” “puts others before herself…” to random classmates or anyone else on Twitter or in his personal life that he feels might need a little encouragement. Now more than 4 years old, the account still promotes serves as a beacon of positive social media lessons from teens.

Compliments, in writing and visible for the public to see, are touching, flattering, and a wonderful “pick-me-up.” With all the social media rage, it’s become quite obvious how some students are quick to point out flaws, ridicule, bully, etc. But, it’s just as easy to post compliments. So, a big thank you to Kevin for thinking of it.

Let’s hope these positive social media lessons from teens continues to spread across the nation. From all the anti-bullying methods that I’ve seen yet, this is one strong competition for the bullies, and a pretty effective tool at that. I also hope that with the growth of this idea, the compliments carry over in person as students bring up tweets and repeat the compliment all over again. I hope Kevin’s influence spreads like wildfire around the country through social media and beyond.

Positive Social Media Lessons From Teens

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