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Pumpkin Masters LED Pumpkin Lights Review

Pumpkin Masters LED Pumpkin Lights Review – review of Pumpkin Masters LED Pumpkin Lights, a pick-sized light for you jack-o-lantern purchased at Target.

we decided against the  Halloween candle and went with something new – Pumpkin Masters LED Pumpkin Lights I bought at Target for $4.

The Pumpkin Masters LED Pumpkin Lights are “pumpkin-powered” LED pumpkin light is a neat concept. Simply insert 2 AAA batteries in each unit and you can plug the light directly into the base of your carved out Halloween jack-o-lantern. The lights won’t start until the 2 tiny prongs on the unit are inserted into the pumpkin. Once inserted, the pumpkin light fires right up and begins shifting colors from red to blue to green in the way a decorative garden solar light would.

The Pumpkin Masters pumpkin-powered LED pumpkin lights package boasts LED powered lights and doesn’t disappoint. The lights aren’t crazy bright but definitely bright enough to power a large pumpkin for trick or treat time. These simple LED pumpkin lights emit much more light than a simple, ordinary pumpkin candle.

When the trick or treating is over, just remove the Pumpkin Master pumpkin-powered light and its batteries and the unit will be good to go for next Halloween. Much safer than candles and using LED pumpkin lights definitely has a cool factor.

The Pumpkin Masters pumpkin-powered LED pumpkin light measures 3.5″ across and .5″ deep so you may want to make sure the top of your jack-0-lantern can accommodate it. There is no way these LED pumpkin lights will fit inside small pumpkins.

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