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Quiznos Torpedo Sandwiches Review

Quiznos Torpedo Sandwiches Review – I saw Quiznos Torpedo Sandwiches on TV and my husband and I just had to have one.  They’re over a foot long, and they looked like they were stuffed with meat and cheese and grilled to perfection. Here is my review:

I drove 20 minutes to the closest Quiznos location to pick up some Quiznos Torpedo Sandwiches.  When I ordered the Quiznos Torpedo Sandwiches, the first thing that I noticed was that they looked more like a long breadstick than a sub.  Then when I saw them putting the small portions of deli cuts on a scale, I was bummed. We rarely get takeout, so we look forward to it when we do.  This was not going well. Additionally, I had never been to a Quiznos before so I did not know you could add other ingredients, until I heard the person after me do so.  The person at the counter never offered or asked if I wanted to add anything.

I know it’s a time to cut back, but not only did the Quiznos Torpedo Sandwiches not look anything like the ones on TV (they were much skimpier), but the lack of ingredients caused a lack in taste as well.  I’d give them a C-.



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