Retro-Taku Videogames Madison Heights

Retro-Taku Videogames Madison Heights review, pics, and info. Retro-Taku Videogames buys, sells and trades used video games & consoles in their store on 11 Mile Rd in Madison Hts MI.

I have several old video game consoles from my childhood through my college years (Atari 800, Sega Genesis, PS1, PS2, and Wii) and my son and I dug them all out of storage to set them up and began collecting games for our systems. It didn’t take long to hear through the grapevine that this place is THEE place to go in Metro Detroit for retro video games!


Retro-Taku Videogames Madison Heights Pics

The entire store (I’m guestimating about 2,000-2,200 square feet) is packed wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling with retro video games and systems. They deal in all Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation, XBox systems. They deal in hand-held video games, even software for old computers. They have stockpiles of used controllers and peripherals. The store even bundles packages together so you can grab, for example, an Intellivsion system complete with controllers and a game for a very reasonable price. They offer a full 14-day refund on the used items they sell.

Retro-Taku Madison Heights is way more than a used video game store like a GameStop. The Retro-Taku staff consists of people who take their retro gaming VERY seriously. Plus, they have and showcase rare, collectable video game items in addition to their standard lots of cartridges. Folks that are into retro video gaming are lucky to have a store like this in Metro Detroit. Trust me, other cities don’t have video game stores this cool and with this much product! It’s the perfect place to start an affordable, new hobby.

Retro-Taku Madison Hts
507 W 11 Mile Rd,
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone – 248-268-3299

Store Hours
Monday-Saturday – 11a – 8p
Sunday – Noon – 6p

For more info on Retro-Taku Videogames Madison Heights, visit their facebook page.

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