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Rhino Rampage Game Review

Rhino Rampage Game Review – Review of the Rhino Rampage game for kids. Soon after putting this game together, I tried to convince my kids that we should return it. Rhino Rampage is a waste of money. Even right out of the box, Rhino Rampage did not work properly. Contrary to the advertising, the rhino does not roar and hardly “stomps.”  It is hard to tell if the pieces actually fell off because they do not “pop” off like in the commercials, but rather stumble off. Rhino Rampage is overly simple and likely will not be much of a challenge for any child in the recommended age group.  I also have concerns about the strength of the tail on Rhino Rampage and how long it will last with aggressive push downs (kids love to push hard on it to try and get the pieces to pop).

Rhino Rampage game retails for $24.99 which I think is way overpriced for a board game, especially for one that doesn’t even have the quality, function and excitement to back up the price. I hope this review was helpful.

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