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Rising Phoenix Troy Archery Birthday Parties

Rising Phoenix Troy Archery Birthday Parties – Rising Phoenix Archery hosts fun parties for kids (ages 8+) AND adults at their location in Troy. All parties feature expert coaching and instruction and include time with all the latest equipment.

Rising Phoenix features friendly certified coaches that love archery and can’t wait to get your guests excited and hooked on the sport. Rising Phoenix has an exceptionally clean facility with equipment that is sterilized daily to insure your party is safe and healthy.

Parties are for ages 8+ and this includes adults too. Rising Phoenix hosts a number of adult-themed events including bachelor/bachelorette parties, team building, and corporate events.

2-hour parties consist of an hour and a half of archery time PLUS a half-hour of table time in their clean, modern facility.

Rising Phoenix Troy Archery Birthday Parties Feature

  • Dedicated certified coach
  • All equipment (Compound and Recurve)
  • Safety orientation
  • Practice with the coach giving tips
  • Choice of two archery games (See Below)

Rising Phoenix Archery Party Games

  • Target Face – (20 min) (Beginner skill) – Archers love to see how close to the center they can get.
  • Balloon Pop – (20 min) (Beginner skill) – Multiple balloons can be placed on one target, and depending on which numbered balloon the archer hits, that will determine a prize. (Prizes would be supplied by you (party favors), Rising Phoenix has candy on site
  • Hunger Games – (20 min) – (Medium Skill) – This is a team game. Build alliances with other districts and hunt the other players (Their balloons that represent them of course). Only one can be the victor.
  • Archery Tournament – (60 min) (Beginner to advanced) – Archers will compete against each other in a 5-round tournament. The archer with the highest score will be crowned the champion. Championship medals can be ordered for an additional fee.
  • Battleship – (60 min) (Beginner to Advanced) – The group is split into two equal teams. Each team will select secretly where their ships are hidden on their board. Archers will shoot arrows at the “grid” in an attempt to discover their location and to ultimately sink the opponent’s battleship.
  • Pin the tail on the Turkey – (20-30 min) (No skill, just blind luck) Archers are blindfolded and select one teammate to help the aim. Their partner will give them directions such as “up”, “down”, “left” and “right” to help pin an arrow on the turkey. (A coach will always be within inches of the blindfolded archer to insure safe release of the arrow).
  • Robin Hood – (20 min) (Medium Skill) – Archers will attempt to shoot at an apple placed above a cardboard silhouette. No live volunteers accepted.
  • TIC- TAC-TOE – (20 min) (Medium Skill) – This allows two archers to compete against each other in a game of tic-tac-toe. Three arrows in a row win.
  • Last Archer Standing – (20 min) (Medium skill) – Archers are given a series of advancing challenges in this elimination style tournament. As each arrow fails to make the stated goal, that arrow is lost unless it is “won” back be executing a shot in the gold. The last archer with arrows is the champion.
  • Save the Princess – (20 min) (Advanced) – Can you cross through the enemy kingdom (target face) and reach the kidnapped princess. Careful in your assault on the enemy’s castle, don’t hit the princess or you go back to the start.
  • Poker – (60 min) (Advanced) – Archers will shoot at a target containing images of every card in a deck. They will assemble their best five (5) cards by shooting for them. Best hand at the end of the round wins. Archers can be given chips to wager on each hand.

Rising Phoenix keeps things simple. Feel free to bring in food from your home, favorite restaurant or pizza place. You can keep things cold in their fridge or freezer and heat them up in the microwave. Decorate the tables with any accessories you wish… well except glitter. That stuff gets everywhere.

Parties are for up to 10 people but additional archers can be purchased for just $10 each. You can also add more shooting time or party table time to your package.


Rising Phoenix
3863 Rochester Rd
Troy MI 48083
248 688-9309

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