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Rochester Community Schools To Propose Cuts Due to Student Enrollment Decline

Rochester Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaner sent an email to RCS families and staff regarding proposed mid-year budget cuts due to declining school enrollment in the district.

The budget shortfall is based on June 2014 projections of a projected student enrollment of 15,136 students, the actual RCS student enrollment is 14,982. The reduction of students as opposed to the projection results in a budget deficit of $1.2 million dollars.

Key reasons for the enrollment decline cited by Shaner and staff include a decline due to an aging population with fewer school-age children and drop of “families who removed their children from Rochester Community Schools voluntarily have reasons ranging from availability of religious instruction to a perception of opportunities more suited to their children.”

Shaner and his Superintendent’s Cabinet are developing a plan including cuts or “adjustments” to offset the 1.2 million dollar reduction

Proposed categories for cuts and adjustments include:

  • Elementary: Support personnel, substitute teachers, committee work, district assessments – $175,000
  • Secondary: Professional staff, support personnel, substitute teachers, district assessments, athletic fund subsidy – $285,000
  • Special Education: Professional staff, support personnel, substitute teachers, ancillary staff, professional development – $241,000
  • Human Resources: Mid-year leaves of absences, mid-year retirements, mid-year resignations – $150,000
    Technology: Reassign technology consultant – $100,000
  • Facility Operations: Re-negotiate support service contracts, repair and maintenance budget, other facility and operations costs – $261,000

Specific information regarding the mid-year adjustments will be presented for approval at the December 8 Board of Education meeting, with implementation taking effect following the Winter Break. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Harrison Room, 501 W. University and is open to the public. A copy of the PowerPoint that was presented at the November 24 Work Session is available on the Rochester Community Schools district website under Board of Education.

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