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Rochester Library Paws for Reading – Such sad and shocking news for the Rochester community… Liz Buchheister, volunteer and advocate for the Rochester Hills Public Library, was killed by a drunk driver in an auto accident. She will be missed by many.

Liz Buchheister volunteered at the Rochester Hills Public Library and ran the Paws for Reading program. The Paws for Reading program is when children can read aloud to dogs.

The Rochester Hills Public Library’s Paws for Reading program would encourage young readers to become more confident when reading aloud, and it also makes for a fun reading experience by including a furry friend as a listener. My kids tried out the program when they were about six and four, and we had the opportunity to meet Liz and be a part of her program.

Our experience was great. Here is a video of the reading:

At Paws for Reading, Liz set up some cozy bean bags in a quite corner of the library and stayed with us and the dog the entire time.  Liz was incredibly kind, and the Paws for Reading dog was so calm and sweet. It was a great program for kids who might be a bit hesitant to read aloud, need encouragement to read more, or who may need to get used to being around dogs.

My kids loved Paws for Reading and talked about their experience for the longest time. This was seriously one of the cutest moments I’ve seen. My kids loved how patient the dog was. The dog was just so happy to be there with everyone. It was like she was born to do this. And, Liz was perfect with the kids… reassuring them if they got stuck on a word, helping them to read, and letting them know that the dog was really enjoying the experience.

I spoke with Claire Poynter, manager of youth services at the Rochester Hills Public Library. Claire said Liz’s very kind and wonderful husband was the one who came into the library to tell them himself. Liz was a trustee for the library and was a big supporter. She would always help out in any way possible.

The Rochester Hills Public Library Paws for Reading program was running every Wednesday. The future of the paws program is still up in the air.  Liz’s husband, who is also trained to do the program, said he needs a few weeks and he will let the library know if he can continue with Paws for Reading.

Claire added, “Liz was great with the kids, especially those who had difficulty reading. Liz would get to know the kids and remember everyone’s name and make everyone feel very important. She really got kids. Her husband says Liz had three great loves in her life… he likes to think he was one, and then also kids, and dogs.”

Our hearts go out to Liz’s family. Peace to all.

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