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Rochester Mills Beer Co Review

Rochester Mills Beer Co Review and menu info. Rochester Mills is located on Water Street in Downtown Rochester MI. If you’re into uniquely brewed lagers and good food, Rochester Mills Beer Co might be a restaurant you want to check out. Rochester Mills Beer Co offers all kinds of ale, light to dark and everything in between, all made on site.

The Rochester Mills Beer Co menu has a lot to offer, and is very family friendly. Adults can choose among ribs, hamburgers, jambalaya, pizza, sandwiches, pasta dishes, and more. And the kids can select from several different options such as burger, chicken fingers, mac n cheese, gluten-free pasta. All of the kid’s entrees include a drink and dessert.

I’ve been going to this restaurant for over 15 years. I enjoy the wide-open atmosphere and they are always tweaking and updating their menu. The prices are mid-range. You get plenty of food for what you pay for but I wouldn’t consider it a bargain. I also wouldn’t consider their food overpriced.

My main gripe with RMBC is the consistency of the food. Sometimes we’ve gone there and the food has been sub-par. It seems like for every 1 time out of 3 times I go, there’s a food quality issue or a service issue. I wouldn’t normally bring this up, but I’ve had many of my friends say the same thing about RMBC – there are occasional bad experiences that you can’t just chalk up to a one-time only occurrence.

They have a fantastic birthday club. Sign up for free and every year they send you a post card for a free meal and a free RMBC pint glass.

The ambiance at the this restaurant is warm with lots of dark wood tables, flooring… There is entertainment with flat screen TV’s, pool tables, and live music on the late weekend nights. And, if interested, you can rent out a room at for meetings, get togethers, etc.

Rochester Mills
400 Water St.
Rochester, Michigan 48307

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For more info on Rochester Mills Beer Co, visit their website

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