Rocket Restaurant Pontiac

Rocket Restaurant Pontiac review, pics, and menu info for the famous Rocket Burger restaurant located on Baldwin Rd in Pontiac Michigan.

Rocket restaurant is a historic landmark in Pontiac. Rocket has been there for more than 45 years, and if you live in Pontiac, you’ve been to Rocket.

Rocket Restaurant Pontiac Review

Not much has changed since opening in ’69. Rocket has maintained its tradition and history. It’s not fancy, but rather a very casual diner type restaurant.

The menu at Rocket has a wide variety of foods – burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, subs, salads, shakes, Greek food, Mexican food, dinners (e.g. meatloaf, chicken), seafood, appetizers, and sandwiches.

My husband and I tried the Rocket burger. The Rocket burger is the head-to-head competition of the McDonald’s Big Mac. My husband got the double Rocket burger which had four patties. I stayed with the traditional 2-patty. It was as tasty as a gourmet Big Mac. We got fries as well. I wouldn’t call them shoe string or thick cut, but somewhere in between. They were served hot, which is sometimes difficult to come by.

Rocket is known for its Monster Burgers – 1lb of ground beef. It’s a gigantic burger that is deep fried, to ensure even cooking, and it’s meant to be shared. One of these days, I plan on trying it out. But, I was fearful of splitting the frisbee sized burger with just my husband.

There’s a pizza size to suit any appetite. The monster pizza has 16 pieces, the mini has 6, the medium has 12, and the Chicago style has 14 pieces.

Rocket Burger menu prices were downright affordable, especially considering that some of the menu items were big enough to share.

Rocket Restaurant Pontiac Hours
Monday – Saturday 10am-midnight
Sundays – CLOSED

Rocket Restaurant Pontiac Pics

Rocket Restaurant Pontiac
1375 Baldwin Ave
Pontiac, Michigan 48340

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