Royal Park Hotel Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Birthday Bash

royal park hotel

The fabulous Royal Park Hotel in Downtown Rochester, Michigan celebrated its 10th Anniversary this week with an unforgettable birthday party!

I’ve lived in Rochester Hills for 14 years so I remember when The Royal Park Hotel first opened. I have worked closely with them ever since. The relationship actually started with me doing some graphic design work for them, which transitioned into overnight giveaway contests and more on Oakland County

History aside, ever since The Royal Park opened its doors, it has been nothing but a class act. I have stepped into The Royal Park hotel on numerous occasions and have every time been treated courteously with top notch customer service by the best staff a business could ever hope for. I’ve dined at the Brookshire, stayed the night in a suite, held an Oakland County Moms moms night out on the terrace, covered every Gingerbread House grand opening, etc…. and all have been incredibly impressive, first class affairs.


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So, when the invite came through for The Royal Park Hotel’s 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash, I knew it would be an enjoyable evening surrounding by elegance and sophistication. But, when I actually arrived at the event, it was even more than I could have ever expected. The Royal Park Hotel’s 10th Anniversary bash was a party done more than right. It was exemplary.

The ballroom and surrounding areas were filled with live entertainment, open bars in every corner, and different food stations – Sundaes (20 feet of ice cream, toppings, warm frosted brownies, mini pies and ice cream cookie sandwiches), Mac n Cheese, BBQ, Ahi Tuna and Salmon Wellington, cucumber water and homemade lemonade, Champagne, and the most interesting… shrimp cocktail table with a live mermaid centerpiece. Servers strolled around with appetizers, blue icy “smoking” drinks, and cake pops.

I really appreciate knowing that I won’t be disappointed when I go to The Royal Park Hotel. I like having the confidence that The Royal Park Hotel does everything in their power to cater to the customer.

Needless to say, the evening was truly enjoyable and entertaining. What could possibly be in store for their 20th birthday? It’s great to see a business in the high end hospitality industry doing well after ten years, and surviving the ups and downs. The Royal Park Hotel is obviously doing something right.

Thank you for including me in the celebration, and I look forward to more to come!

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