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Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger Review Pics

Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger review and pics – The Rugby Grille inside the Townsend Hotel in Downtown Birmingham is home to latest Oakland County foodie craze. I stopped in for lunch to sample this $55 beauty and experience the many different levels of this dish.

The Foie Burger is a high-end burger that can satisfy one’s craving for a classy dish such as a nice steak or a lobster tail. This burger takes an every day basic meal and elevates it to a whole new level of high-end cuisine.

Townsend Hotel Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger Pics

We’ll start with the Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger ingredients. The 8 oz. Foie Burger patty is made with Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is known for its quality, and commands a high price. The burger is complemented with sweet onion jam, seared foie gras, braised short rib, parmesan aioli, burgundy truffles, and Thomasville Tomme cheese, and is served with burgundy truffle fries. When you order the Foie Burger, it will be served to you on a rolling cart. The plate presentation is memorable with the burger bun seared with the Rugby Grille “R” and served on a simply elegant carved wooden plate.

I spoke with Chef Damian Yopek, the creator behind the Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger masterpiece. The Foie Burger came out about three weeks ago and has been a big hit so far. Yopek said he has been with the Townsend since July and this was one of his first tasks assigned to him. What started out as a $500 burger with gold and caviar is now a $55 burger that is more suitable for the masses. He explains how he picked the ingredients to complement one another… the ribs complement the beef, the parmesan aioli and the cheese, and the truffles with the foie gras. It was his goal to create an high-end burger that was a delicacy, yet approachable… and he found this harder to do than creating the $500 version.

Yopek feels happy as long as he’s “doing something to elevate the culinary scene in Michigan.” I’d say he’s done that with this one.

The Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger is now available for both lunch and dinner.

Rugby Grille at the Townsend Hotel
Address – 100 Townsend St, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone – 248-642-5999

Rugby Grille at the Townsend Hotel Hours
Thursday – 6:30a–midnight
Friday – 6:30a-1a
Saturday – 6:30a-1a
Sunday – 6:30a–midnight
Monday – 6:30a–midnight
Tuesday – 6:30a–midnight
Wednesday – 6:30a–midnight

Breakfast – 6:30a – 10:30a
Lunch – 10:30a-3p
Dinner – 3p-midnight
Weekend Brunch – 6:30a-3p

For more info on The Rugby Grille Birmingham $55 Foie Burger, visit The Rugby Grille website.

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