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Rummikub Game Review

Rummikub Game Review – review of Rummikub, a strategic game of sequences of grouping for 2-4 players, ages 8 and older.

A game that deals with numbers and strategy is my kind of game. Rummikub will get you thinking and the better you are at thinking and out-smarting the other players, the more likely you are to win.

The concept of Rummikub is to work with tiles that each have a colored number. You create “runs” and “groups” with the tiles, i.e. a sequence of numbers (1-2-3…) and a group of one number but in different colors. You need at least three tiles in order to lay down a run or a group.

Here’s where Rummikub gets fun and strategic. After everyone has placed their initial set of numbered tiles, you can then play off of everyone elses sequences, including splitting up long sequences and taking tiles for your own use – so long as everything still makes sense and has at least three tiles.

Once you’re out of tiles, everyone adds up the Rummikub tiles they still have left and the winner takes those as points. The first to reach the agreed upon number of points wins.

The suggested age for Rummikub is 8+, and Rummikub can be played with 2-4 players. My daughter is 7 and plays Rummikub with us, but needs a little bit of help to make the more strategic moves. Rummikub is a great strategy game for kids and a good value for family game night.

I saw Rummikub on for only about $12. It’s definitely worth it for that price. I hope this Rummikub game review is helpful.

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