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Safesocial Media – How to Monitor Your Child’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Safesocial Media is monitoring website for parents to check on their children’s Facebook and/or Instagram social media accounts.

If you’re worried that your child may be the target of facebook bullying or simply want to check into what may be going on in their Instagram account, Safesocial is an avenue to see your child’s social media activity without having to “friend” them directly via facebook or Instagram.

Safesocial Media is simple to use. Simply provide your email address and your child’s email address and the process starts. Safesocial will email your child a request on your behalf to monitor their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Once your child gives permission to receive updates parents will receive real-time email updates of all of their account activity via email. They even flag inappropriate content and photos that your child may be sending or receiving.

Safesocial offers a free 30 day trial. They charge $3.95 per month for monitoring up to 3 children.

I would caution that Safesocial is not a cure-all for monitoring your child’s social media accounts. Other popular social media websites like Twitter and Vine are not covered. I would also caution that it is quite easy to possess multiple email and social media accounts. Your child may have a “mom-friendly” social media account but could have many duplicate accounts you may not know about associated with other email accounts you also may not know about. For as many ways parents can think of to monitor their children via the internet, there are more ways children can find to avoid detection.

If you already closely follow your child’s facebook and/or Instagram accounts (and I recommend you do), Safesocial makes this process easier. I’m just not sure you may find it necessary as monitoring these accounts yourself doesn’t require a great deal of effort any way. If you’re not facebook or Instagram saavy or don’t have your own social media accounts, Safesocial could at least offer you some peace of mind.

Click here to preview Safesocial for free.

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