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Review and pics of Salinair Salt Room Spa on Auburn Rd just West of Rochester Rd in Auburn Hills, MI. I had a chance to visit Salinair Salt Room to try out the Salt treatment / Halotherapy procedure for a review.


Salt treatment / Halotherapy was a new term for me when my friend suggested the idea. The concept of salt therapy is to sit in a room that is replicated to have an atmosphere of a salt mine, a pure microclimate found in nature.

At these salt rooms, they use a patented machine called a halo generator that produces a fine salt mist. By breathing this fine salt mist, they claim that the salt particles reach the deepest parts of the lungs and sinuses, kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves drainage, and clears away mucus. Also, by the way the room is set up, it appears they are also trying to achieve a meditative experience leading to less stress and improved sleep.

Since salt has been known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, the claim for the Salinair Salt Room Spa that my friend and I went to is that with ongoing use, a salt room can rid of asthma, allergies, prevent colds, etc. My daughter has numerous air-borne (as well as food allergies) and I often treat her seasonal spring allergies with salt baths. I’ve found salt baths greatly help my daughter’s allergies so Salinair / Halotherapy makes sense.

I can’t comment on the claims as I only had one visit at Salinair Salt Room Spa. But, I can tell you about the experience.

Salt therapy at Salinair Salt Room Spa consists of sitting in a room coated with salt crystals from ceiling to floor, and pumped full of salt-laden air. The experience is safe for children so I brought my kids. We sat in the room for 45 minutes. There is a kids room as well, but my kids are a bit too old for it. The children’s session is typically 30 minutes.

The room itself was incredibly soothing. The lighting was dim and then there was soft, colored accent lighting that was really interesting and pretty. There were leather lounger chairs that were very comfortable. You could choose to spend the 45 minutes sleeping if you want, or simply chat, meditate, walk about, etc. There’s not enough lighting to read a book.

We chose to walk around and do yoga. The floor is covered with rock salt which is a bit rough on the feet, but they are going after a reflexology experience. The 45 minutes goes by pretty quick. When the session was complete, we didn’t feel any different. One odd thing we noticed was that the soles of my children’s feet were wet a few minutes later. Not sure why, but thought it was worth mentioning.


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From the research I did online, I could not find any clinical studies of salt therapy in the U.S. Also, I did see on the Salinair brochure that “The information in this brochure should not be considered medical advice and is not meant to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any ailment.”

If it works, it would be a nice fix for those suffering from certain ailments. But, it also gets quite costly to keep it ongoing.

Salinair Salt Room Spa
Address: 131 West Auburn Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307
Phone – 248-747-0543

For more info on Salinair Salt Room Spa, visit their website.

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