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Samsung Continuum Review

 Samsung Continuum Review – Review and features of the Samsung Continuum phone. I will keep this simple. There is one major feature on the Samsung Continuum

 that makes it different from the rest. It has a scroll at the bottom that is like the stock exchange ticker. Samsung Continuum scrolls with updates on emails, facebook messages, date, time, text messages, voice mails, etc. It gives a quick summary so you don’t have to thumb around your phone. There is even a button on the side that you can press while your screen is in “sleep mode” that just turns the scroll on for that nice summary. Then you can decide if you need to turn your screen back on or not.
That said, I still had some challenges with the Samsung Continuum phone when it came to typing on the touchscreen. I own the Samsung Fascinate and it is awesome to type on. I wrote this review on the Continuum memo pad and there were mistakes galore. Whether it be from the phone erroneously guessing my words and phrases or it throwing in spaces where it thinks they should go since my typing was horrible (I can’t seem to hit the right buttons on this thing at all!), it was challenging and frustrating. I don’t have big fingers or anything and I held it horizontally, but still had troubles.
I also like the typing automated features of my Fascinate better (e.g. how it puts the apostrophe in for me), as well as placement of the keys.
If I had to do a head-to-head competition between the Fascinate and the Samsung Continuum, I would forego the ticker scroll and opt for the Fascinate, but maybe that’s just me.
I hope you find this Samsung Continuum review helpful.

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