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Santa Claus Websites & Apps for Kids

Santa Claus Websites for Kids – List and reviews of Santa Claus websites, Christmas websites, Santa Apps, Santa webcams and more. Kids have many options for interacting with Santa Claus. Santa Claus websites and Christmas websites give kids the chance to follow Santa’s journey, play games, receive a video message from Santa and even live chat with Santa himself!


Santa Claus Websites for Kids

Norad Santa – Kids can follow Santa’s progress around the world plus have fun in the days leading up to Santa’s trip with Christmas-related games at the Norad Santa website. Norad Santa is a FREE website and obviously safe for kids. (review)

Norad Santa 2023

Google Santa Tracker – Google trumps Norad Santa (and every other Christmas site) in a big way. Google Santa Tracker is a HUGE Christmas Village with new games and facets to explore every day until Christmas. Visually stunning and well-produced, Google Santa Tracker is almost addictive. This is a FREE website / app. (review)!

ReindeerCam – Reindeer Cam or ReindeerCam is a Christmas website for kids featuring a web cam of a reindeer pen so you can check in on Santa’s reindeer via your computer or ReindeerCam App (available for iTunes or Android). (review)

Reindeer Cam Website Review

Santa Spy Cam App – Santa Spy Cam is an app on iTunes that lets you edit video clips of Santa and his elves into video clips of your home as “proof” of Santa Claus visiting your home. This app was groundbreaking about 8 years ago but has hasn’t had any updates or improvements in few years. Exclusively on Apple – you can’t find it on Google any more (review)


Video Message from Santa Claus – If you’re child is still a little anxious about talking to Santa Claus, the website offers free video messages from Santa. Parents simply fill out the info and Santa Claus magically transforms the info into a beautiful message for your good little boy or girl. Portable North Pole dot com also has custom videos, letters from Santa Claus and more for purchase. North Pole Videos dot com is another website that features free Santa Claus video messages personalized and sent to your child.

Elf Yourself-Style videos – Perhaps the first Viral Christmas videos you’ve ever seen. offers the hilarious Holiday e-cards featuring music videos of Christmas song favorites splashed in with family photos you can upload. They’ve been doing this for years but unlike many others, jibjab is constantly improving the videos even though they aren’t nearly as “buzzworthy” as they used to be The site is easy to use for young users and fun to play with the whole family. Most videos to upload photos are “all ages”. There are a few recommended for ages 14+. The 14+ videos content reflect content with potty jokes or humor akin to Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Nothing sexual or odd, but I appreciate the warning. Click here for jibjab, the site where you can upload photos for hilarious Christmas videos.

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