ScarAway Cream Review

ScarAway Cream Review – review of ScarAway scar cream. Does ScarAway scar diminishing cream work? I compare ScarAway to Scarzone in this recent test.
I don’t have many scars, but I have a few. When a sample of ScarAway was offered for me to try out, I figured I had nothing to lose. I had gall bladder surgery a long time ago. It was done laparoscopically, and although small, they’re still scars.


I have previously done a review of Scarzone without success, but I did not follow the directions to a tee. This time I vowed to be more dedicated.

After 3-4 weeks of use, I found great results with ScarAway cream. It was very necessary to use it according to the directions, i.e. massage it with the tri-roller tip applicator for 1-2 minutes two to three times each day. I noticed the scar flatten and fade. It didn’t matter that it was over a decade old!

ScarAway cream claims to fade, flatten and shrink scars, old and new. I found truth in this claim. I think the massaging roller tip is a big contributor to the success of ScarAway, and probably what makes it stand out from the other scar diminishing creams.

This product is clinically proven, and recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It’s available at Meijer, Walgreens, and online retailers such as Amazon. I hope this ScarAway cream review is helpful.

Scaraway website and more product info.

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