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Scarzone Cream Review

Scarzone Cream Review – Does Scarzone cream work? I reviewed Scarzone after my son received a small cut on his cheek from a fall out of bed. It did not look bad, but since it is on his face, we did not want it to scar.

I had some Scarzone Cream that I thought I would put to the test for this review. The directions are a bit specific. It says to gently massage the Scarzone Cream into the scar twice a day for 2-3 minutes. My son is not too patient with me rubbing Scarzone Cream in his squishy little cheek for 2-3 minutes. It seems more like 2-3 hours to him. So, I only rub Scarzone Cream into the skin until it disappears.

Maybe it’s because I have not followed the directions accordingly, but the scar is still there. I figured if I used it for a longer time (e.g. a month) then it would work just as well as if I rubbed it in for the 2-3 minutes. No such luck I guess.

I guess I will keep trying Scarzone Cream and will go for the longer rub. It says you can use Scarzone Cream on any scar, no matter how old and it should work. But so far, I am not convinced. I hope this review is helpful.

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