Seasons of the North Winery

Seasons of the North Winery & Burt Lake Brewery review, pics, and info. Burt Lake Brewery / Seasons of the North Winery is located off M-68 in Alanson very close to Indian River, Michigan. It says brewery in the name, but it’s also a winery.

Seasons of the North Winery offers Season of the North’s brand of beer and wine, as well as hard cider.

Seasons of the North Winery Pics / Burt Lake Brewery Pics

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Seasons of the North Winery has outdoor seating on its patio which is perfect if you want to bring your pet. There’s an indoor space as well with a U-shaped bar and a couple tables. The walls are stocked with merchandise for sale. I like to collect glasses so I purchased a Burt Lake Brewery tumbler. They also have sweatshirts, jarred goods, and kitchen accessories.

My friend and I did a tasting flight which included any combination of 5 samples of wine, beer or hard cider for $10. The menu is laid out great with the selections of White Wines, Red Wines, and Fruit Wines listed from dry to sweet and with a nice short description of each. I sometimes have to ask a lot of questions about each wine, but they give you enough to go on to make your selections. If you’re not interested in doing a flight, you can purchase by the glass.

For the white wines, I enjoyed Burt Lake Breeze. It’s a semi-sweet wine made from Seyval Blanc grapes with flavors of pear and green apple. It has a light body and it mellow but also tart which I loved. I also enjoyed The Cabin which is a dry red wine made from the Marechal Foch grape. It’s a medium body wine with a fruity scent and a smooth, slightly peppery finish.

Seasons of the North Winery offers a unique selection of fruit wines – blueberry, strawberry, Indian Summer Sangria, and raspberry dessert wine. I tried the Blueberry Wine which is semi-dry (all the others are sweet) and I wasn’t a fan. The staff said it’s pretty definitive that people either like it or they don’t…I was on the side of don’t I guess. But, I’d still give one of the others a try next time I go; maybe the raspberry wine which is made with raspberries from their estate.

Burt Lake Brewery used to offer a few finger foods, but discontinued this when the Covid restrictions hit. They mentioned they plan on bringing it back but with some new selections.

Seasons of the North Winery / Burt Lake Brewery
9090 M-68, Alanson, MI 49706

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