Self Imposed Quarantine Boredom Cures

Self Imposed Quarantine Boredom Cures – Now that the kids have an extra week or two (or three) of Spring Break where they can’t really go anywhere, what are they going to do? Just as important, what are you going to do to keep your sanity.

I’m not sure how the online classes will work and, beyond that, are they just going to spend the rest of the day on their phones, laptops, and PS4s? Even if the online education is helpful, I’m sure there’s going to be LOTS of downtime. It doesn’t have to be that way.


I’m planning on doing an eclectic mix of activities. Part homeschool, part home improvement, part bonding time, part productive. Maybe even some fun? I’m trying to view this as a time to get ahead of some things and even try new things.

Self Imposed Quarantine Boredom Cures – HOME IMPROVEMENT
We were going to re-do my daughter’s bedroom anyways. Instead of my husband and I doing all the heavy lifting, SHE’S going to get her first lesson on home ownership pride and learn a new skill. We’re going to Home Depot to buy some supplies and we’re going to show her how to prime, patch some drywall holes, and paint her room. Sure, we’ll help with taping off the edges and getting her started, but she’s going to be on the hook for the painting and the cleanup.

Self Imposed Quarantine Boredom Cures – BAKING & OTHER LIFE SKILLS
I enjoy doing this with my downtime anyways, now I can invite my kids in and show them how to prepare meals. They know a little, but when push comes to shove, I always let them slide on the responsibility – especially when they’re doing Algebra or Chemistry homework. No homework excuses now, it’s time to put the phones and books down and learn how to cook. I also anticipate I’ll be baking more fun treats than normal.

Self Imposed Quarantine Boredom Cures – EXERCISE
Viruses don’t do well outdoors, so we’re going to be spending more time outdoors. I enjoy my walks anyways, now I’m dragging my kids into the mix. I don’t want them cooped up ALL DAY, or at least inactive ALL DAY. I’m worried the down time from their spring HS sports is going to invite laziness too. My gym rat husband has a gym in our basement, the kids are going to get some use out of that, they just might not know it yet :)


Self Imposed Quarantine Boredom Cures – SPRING CLEANING
I’m going to use this time to get ahead of day to day maintenance so I can enjoy everything when this coronavirus situation gets back to normal. Spring cleaning, changing the oil in my motorcycle, gardening, are all going to get done earlier than usual – and now…. my kids are going to be helping with ALL of it.

Again, when my kids were overloaded with homework, I felt guilty asking them to step in. Now with this self imposed quarantine boredom, they don’t have a choice and there will be plenty of teaching moments that can come of it this.

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